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For all those who served....

Army, Marine Corps. Air Force and Navy



The Vietnam Conflict
A Memorial and Tribute to the
Vietnam Veteran
and those who gave their all

The Vietnam War cost America 58000 plus brothers and sisters.

When the Veterans came home, there were no ticker tape parades,

Welcome home gatherings at the airports, instead they were cursed,

and spit upon by folks who had no idea what Vietnam was about, nor

what these men and women went through.  They did not deserve the

ignorance the people showed them when they returned.  They condemned

the Vietnam war from the confort and safety of their homes.

Maybe we should have and Maybe we shouldn't have been there, but

that was not the issue,  The Government called, and these men

and women did not hesitate, nor argue, they went and did

their duty whether they agreed with the war or not.

Only the cowards stayed behind and protested the war or

ran to Canada or Europe, like one big pussy who was later

elected by some unfortunate stance as president, did

Now, some thirty to forty years later, our Vietnam Vets are finally getting

the recognition they so strongly deserve, that is great, but it

should have been given when they came home.

















Remember all the Brave Men and Women
Who Served in Vietnam.
Keep In your Prayers the Families of the
Men and Women who were Killed in Action
in Vietnam.
Pray for the Return of our POW's and MIA's
Whether Dead or Alive,
They deserved to be Buried on American Soil


Remember, and Do not Forget

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