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Frequently Asked Questions


frequently asked questions

what is rps, and slash and all this other shit you are talking about?
slash is a term refering to fanfiction that involves two characters of the same sex engaging in romantic behavior.

wouldn't that be considered porn or adult content?
some of it would. the stuff that is rated NC-17, R and those are considered adult content. but i don't write that stuff. i stick to pg-15 and below...making *my* stuff alright for anyone as long as they don't get squicked by it.

ooo, you're sneaky!
not really, i just can't write anything explicit well enough haha! oh and for thsoe of you weirdo's out there, i *know* doesn't allow adult content, but i just clarified...the stuff on *my* site is not adult content, just some gay guys. its about as harmful as watching an episode of dawson's creek or a tatu music video!

is that fair to tolkien and the guys you write about?
prolly not, but you know what? neither is regualr fanfiction!

how often do you update?
uhhhh...whenever i want this a trick question O.o??

can you post my stories on your site?
heh heh. if i like you and you're fics are under pg-15, i'll consider it!

where can i get a hold of you?
you can email me at but please no flames. i *told* you if you don't like this stuff leave! oh and feedback is always nice

uhh...that's it ^-^
ε|з clare