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Clare Tyler
St. Clair Shores,Mi

this website is full of stories i've written. it contains real.person.slash & character slash & even some boring ol' het fics. if this sort of stuff squicks you then you need to get your scrawny ass out of here! heehee

disclaimer: the characters used in fps and the other stories are not mine. i am not getting $$ for this, its just for my pleasure (i *love* the word pleasure). the characters used are created by tolkien, the genius. the people used in rps are also not mine (darn, is anything around here mine?). i don't know their sexual preference and i sure as hell don't know them (darn again). not making $$ for the rps either... new!!! : the newly added pirates of the caribbean section isn't mine either. disney, jerry bruckheimer, who-ever, just not me. for the rps portion of it...i don't own those highly attractive men in eyeliner...

if you have more ?'s check out the faq!!
ε|з clare

oh btw, i forgot to add the links section when i made this page. if this doesn't work, you're going to have to rely on the handy dandy 'back' button =D