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Elizabeth Estensen (Tallulah Bag)

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Welcome to the Elizabeth Estensen Biography page.

General Information

Tallulah Bag
Queen Tallulah Of The Nile (Turn On To T-Bag Ep5)
52 Episodes (5 Series & 2 Christmas Specials)

BIRTH DATE: 10th August 1949
BIRTH PLACE: Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, England, UK


The Liver Birds Before Elizabeth’s TV debut she appeared in numerous stage plays including When The Reds (1973) and the Beatles inspired John, Paul, George, Ringo … & Bert in 1974.

Elizabeth Estensen started her television acting career in The Liver Birds in 1975 at the age of 25 as Carol Boswell, replacing Beryl (played by Polly James) as Sandra's (Nerys Hughes) new flatmate. Elizabeth appeared in 5 series of the Liver Birds (series 5-9) to it's end (before a resurrection in 1996 for series 10 without Elizabeth).

Aside from The Liver Birds Elizabeth had a great deal of roles such as Children and Our Day Out proving her worth as a great actress.

Wendy Wooley in Danger Marmade At Work Before T-Bag Elizabeth Estensen appeared as the dotty Social Worker Wendy Wooley in another children’s TV programme of the 1980’s, Danger Marmalade at Work (the following series of Educating Marmalade) in 1984.

Tallulah Bag As the first and original T-Bag, Elizabeth Estensen’s Tallulah Bag is often people’s favourite T-Bag. Vote For Your Favourite T-Bag to find out! There is no denying she played Tallulah Bag extremely well displaying Tallulah's many characteristics-vain, crazy, idiotic, funny, witty, pompous, subtle, grand, vulnerable, sarcastic, scary, sophisticated, bad-tempered, greedy, mad, etc

After Elizabeth decided to leave the T-Bag series in 1989 the following series needed a new T-Bag which was filled by the cult actress Georgina Hale as Tallulah’s sister Tabatha Bag. Without Elizabeth the series lost many viewers which ultimately led to its end in 1992.

The School For Scandal Elizabeth also appeared in a number of other Children’s TV programmes after T-Bag such as Mike & Angelo (ITV), also written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro, and Happy Families (as Mrs Clara Creep the Crook‘s Wife, Once a bungling baddy always a bungling baddy, she was also many other characters). Showing that she had not left children’s television programmes for good Elizabeth made an appearance in the children’s sci-fi series The Delta Wave in 1995.

Cardiff East Elizabeth Estensen went back to her roots of her acting career and made several appearances on the stage such as Don Juan as Charlotte (7 Apr 1981); Cavalcade as Ellen Bridges (1 May-29 June 1985); The School For Scandal as Mrs Candour (17 Apr-29 Jun 1996) (See image); Cardiff East (in 1997) and Hushabye Mountain as Beryl (3 Feb-15 May 1999).

A Touch Of Frost As well as Elizabeth’s many stage and major screen roles she has made many minor appearances in highly acclaimed TV series such as Casualty, Cracker, A Touch of Frost and The Upper Hand (although her scene was not with Kellie Bright which would have been funny).

Elizabeth was not only prepared to take roles in TV Series and children’s TV as she proved in her role of Mrs Coggan in the TV adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd.

Emmerdale Elizabeth had many minor roles since T-Bag (see TV appearances below) but in recent years Elizabeth has been starring in two high profile ITV soaps, firstly Coronation Street in 1996 and then in 1997 to 1998 as Pam Middleton and secondly in Emmerdale (previously Emmerdale Farm) since 1999 as the Pub Land Lady Diane Blackstock. Coronation Street Coronation Street In both 2001 and 2002 Elizabeth was nominated for the Best Actress award at The British Soap Awards for her performance in Emmerdale but failed to make the shortlist of four nominees at the award ceremony. Also in 2002 (11th July) the Queen visited the set of Emmerdale (as part of her Golden Jubilee Tour) to see the village Post Office explode (which was sceened later in 2002). See the image right.

Emmerdale After Diane’s spell in a jail cell (9th July 2003) her character, when offered a brandy, replied with the apt ‘I’d rather have a nice cup of tea’!

Elizabeth Estensen is currently starring in Emmerdale (ITV) as Diane Sugden (before being married to Jack Sugden she was Diane Blackstock). She casts her evil spell to make people buy more drinks in The Woolpack (the pub) and one day she plans to take over the village! (I might have made that last bit up!)

Elizabeth Estensen appeared on the CiTV Birthday Bash programme to talk about T-Bag (shown 3rd January 2003, CiTV’s 20th Birthday!)




Elizabeth Estensen There is a board dedicated to Elizabeth Estensen on The T-Bag Forum!
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TV & Film Appearances

ProgrammeAsDate Aired (UK)TypeEpisode/SeriesMore Details
The Liver BirdsCarol Boswell1975-1979TV SeriesSeries 5-9ITV
Within These WallsLorna Rogers2.10.1976K Block (#4.5)Minor Role
Our Day OutSusan?.12.1976TV Film?repeated in 1977 as a Play For Today & 1979
Danger – Marmalade At Work!Wendy Wooley (Social Worker)20.02.1984 - ?Kids TV SeriesSeries 4Sequel series of Educating Marmalade (1981-83)
Wonders In LetterlandT-Bag (Tallulah)4.4.1985-6.6.1985Kids TV SeriesAllCiTV
T-Bag Strikes AgainT-Bag (Tallulah)27.8.1986-29.10.1986Kids TV SeriesAllCiTV
Children's ITVT-Bag (Tallulah)
As a presenter
(Date not confirmed)
CiTV Broadcast?CiTV with
John Hasler (as T-Shirt)
T-Bag Bounces BackT-Bag (Tallulah)23.1.1987-27.3.1987Kids TV SeriesAllCiTV
The Ladies?1987TV??
Turn On To T-BagT-Bag (Tallulah)5.1.1988-8.3.1988Kids TV SeriesAllCiTV
T-Bag’s Christmas CrackerT-Bag (Tallulah)27.12.1988Kids TV SpecialAllCiTV
T-Bag And The Revenge Of The T-SetT-Bag (Tallulah)3.1.1989-7.3.1989Kids TV SeriesAllCiTV
T-Bag’s Christmas CarolT-Bag (Tallulah)26.12.1989Kids TV SpecialAllCiTV
Mike & AngeloMrs Daphne Fawkes-Bentley1989-?Kids TV SeriesVarious (Series ?-11)CiTV
Happy FamiliesMrs Clara Creep,
Mrs Tick The Teacher,
& Miss Trump
1989-1990Kids TV SeriesMr Creep The Crook;
Master Money The Millionaire;
Mr Tick The Teacher
and Mr Biff The Boxer
Life Without GeorgeAmanda23.3.1989-11.5.1989TV SeriesSeries 3?
Casualty?6.2.1993TV’Family Matters’ (#7.21)Minor Role, BBC
The Upper HandPatsy16.9.1993TV’Misery’ (#5.2)Minor Role
A Touch Of FrostSusan Mackintosh8.1.1995TVAppropriate Adults (#3.1)Minor Role
Pie In The SkyEvelyn Wilkes12.3.1995TV’The Mystery Of Pike’ (#2.9)Minor Role
CrackerRennie Wise20.11.1995TV’True Romance’ (#3.3)Minor Role
Delta WaveMiss Gower27.2.1996-6.3.1996Kids TV SeriesEp5 Something Fishy
(Part 1 & 2)
Coronation StreetPam Middleton15.3.1996 & 8.9.1997-25.9.1998TV SoapVariesITV
Last Of The Summer WineEducational Advisor18.05.1997TV SeriesHow to Create a Monster (#18.5)Minor Role
Far From The Madding CrowdMrs Coggan06.07.1998 (UK)
10.05.1998 (USA)
EmmerdaleDiane Blackstock1999-OngoingTV SoapVariesITV
In A Land Of PlentyRachel10.01.2001TV 10 Part DramaMajor RoleBBC2
Ant And Dec’s Saturday Night TakeawayHerself1.3.2002TV(#2.8)ITV
Lily Savage's Blankety BlankAs Herself27.7.2002TV Quiz1 showITV
CiTV Birthday BashHerself03.01.2003Kids TVAs GuestCiTV 20th Birthday Bash
GMTVAs Herself9.7.2003Morning TV Show1 ShowITV, Talk about Emmerdale
GMTVAs Herself19.8.2004Morning TV Show1 ShowTalk about Emmerdale
The Good Soap GuideAs Herself22.8.2004TV Show1 ShowTalk about Emmerdale
(Mention of T-Bag!)
Emmerdale: The Sugden Family AlbumAs Herself6.6.2005TV ShowITV
This MorningAs Herself6.9.2005Morning TV Show1 ShowITV, Talk about Jack and Diane
in Emmerdale for Inside Soap Awards
This MorningAs Herself18.1.2006Morning TV Show1 ShowSoap Icons section
Unknown Dates
Elizabeth Alone??TV??
Only You??TV??
WoolWorths Mother’s Day Commercial??TV Commercial??