Character name: Lynari
Mules: Shyena
Favorite Jobs: Ninja
Highest level character: Don't care about my Thief!
Birthday: November 9, 1986
Member since: Unknown
First Shinobi of the BHE!

Sneaking up on Unphazed...

/comfort Lynari

Cuca and Lyn going in...

Is it Lyn, or Mith...hmmm...

Being chased by lizzards.

Is Lynari hiding???

Lynari, soloing the 2-3 dragon and teaching it what's up!
/cheer Lyn!

Lyn found a taru in a box!

Lyn and her pal Cuca

Lyn sleeping with the enemy O_o
BAD Lyn! /giggle

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