Character name: Kalendor
Mules: Enderbean, Beanender
Favorite Jobs: BRD
Highest level character: BRD72
Birthday: 02/22
Member since: 01/05

Kal admiring the rainbow, first time he noticed there were such things in this game ;)

"Fighting Lumbering Lambert at something like lvl51 (fyi, the mob is supposedly lvl27-28). The bitch almost killed me but I got his hide (and horn most importantly).
Who said Bards cannot solo? He was damn right. Note that I was there with THF sub, under-levelled, which didnít help!"

"Well I wish I was fighting it but we lost the claim, díoh :( Next time maybe ^^"

"Same story, lost the claim for like 2 seconds. Iím almost naked cuz I Tele-ed the guyz who were actually going to fight it as quickly as I could.
Oh well !"

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