Character name: Glaine
(Full Name: Glaine Westicker Soll)
Mules: None
Favorite Jobs: Monk, always been, always will be.
Highest level character: 39 Monk
Birthday: April 17, 1984
Member since: December 2004

Hi everyone, I'm new to the link, but I like it already. I'm always willing to help out if asked, or if I'm very busy I don't mind at all that you ask, but most of the time I will definitely help, so feel free to ask. Also Monk is my favorite because I have loved martial arts since I was a small kid. In real life I also play RPG console games and love reading books of all kinds. Favorite game so far is definatly Xenogears. And my favorite book or books so far are the Foundation series by Issiac Asimov. (That may not be how you spell his name...did I mention I'm bad at spelling and grammer?) And while all that sounds very intresting I'm sure in real life I multi-task my time playing this, living alone, watching tv, and then falling asleep everynight after the caffeine wears off, so ladies, if that sounds like the kind of big manly man you want, feel free to talk to me. Cya!

/wave Hello

Running around half naked

Glaine making a battle an artform

Massacre in Jeuno

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