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Lady PP's Heart of the Home
Home Organization/Cleaning

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Weekly Check-list

Move and clean under counter top objects
Disinfect counter top
Clean finger prints on walls and switches
Wash cannisters, snack jars, salt and pepper shakers
Clean telephone
Clean cupboard doors
Dust furniture, walls and wall hangings
Clean microwave inside and outside
Clean refrigerator
  • Discard out dated food
  • Wipe shelves
  • Wash bins
  • Treat stains
  • Clean rubber gasket
  • Wash outside
  • Clean hinges
  • Clean top
Wash window over sink
Wash storm door windows
Wash interior door windows
Clean range hood
Clean stove
  • Lift top and clean under
  • Scour rims
  • Clean drip pans
  • Soak clean stove knobs
  • Clean oven duct
  • Clean exterior
  • Clean oven door
Clean coffee maker
Clean tea maker
Clean toaster and empty crumb tray
Clean inside and out of toaster oven
Wash can opener and clean blades
Clean dish drainer
Dust spice jars
Clean bread box
  • Clean and polish door
  • Clean gasket
  • Wipe interior and clean tub of debris
  • Clean detergent dispenser
Fill paper towels, soap bottles, and lotion bottles
Wash dish clothes, pot holders, dish towels, place mats, and area rugs as needed
Water plants
Mop or vacuum floors
Shake area rugs
Treat stains on carpet

Cleaning Tips

Review food ads
Update food price book (list of sale prices)
Check food inventory(list of foods stored in freezer, pantry, etc. for quick reference)
Plan menu (use food on hand and foods on sale)
Make grocery list
Purchase groceries
Update freezer and pantry list
Chop and freeze onions and peppers needed for recipes. Grate cheese.
Make mixes
Make freeze ahead meals
Freeze/can fresh produce
Make breads

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Lady PP's Heart of the Home