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Added: 1 Phoenician coin - 2 Greeks - 2 Romans - 3 Byzantines and 3 Islamic coins. All the new ones are on top.

**Please read the Terms And Conditions Of sales located at the buttom of this page below before buying anything, Thank you**

*All of my coins below were hand picked one by one examined then bought and left in the same original condition that they were bought in the first place.No cleaning has been done on them*

Ancient Coins




Medieval Coins






Modern Coins & Banknotes

------------------------------------------------TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALES------------------------------------------------

- AUTHENTICITY : All items are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic. If for any reason you're not satisfied with a item you bought you can still return it No Questions Asked within the next 10 days of it's receipt then you'll receive a full refund. And please return it the way you received it since i will not accept items that are broken or has been tampered with.The return shipping cost is on the buyer.

- DIAMETER & WEIGHT : The diamater of a coin is found with a ruler by mesuring the distance in millimeters(mm)between the two farthest points on a coin . And the weight is mesured using a small digital balance found and used usually by jewellers.

- ORDERING : To place a order you just need to email me the "Ref #"(found at the end of a items description righ near the price tag) and the shipping way,how you want your coin/item shipped to you, whether through "Ordinary Mail" or "Express Mail". Also a item can be reserved for up to 7 days. After that it will be put back up for sale again.

-YOU GET WHAT YOU SEE : That means that you will get what you ordered and what you saw in the pictures above and nothing else that ressambles what's in the pictures.

- PAYMENTS : I accept Certified Cheques and Money Orders (They need to be cleared first before a coin/item is shipped) and credit cards payements through a order has been placed a Paypal invoice will be issued then sent to you as a email.And as soon as a invoice has been payed and payment received(which should be within no more then 7 days from placing a order)then the coin/item will then be shipped right away.All payments are in US dollars. For international orders please use The Universal Currency Converter to get the up to the minute currency exchange rates.

- SHIPPING & HANDLING : The shipping rate for canada is $2 (ORDINARY MAIL:To anywhere in canada and takes around a week to get to you). Or EXPRESS MAIL which cost $8 (and takes 2-3 days to get to you and there's insurance up to $100 that comes with that).The shipping rate for the US is $3 (ORDINARY MAIL: To anywhere in the US and takes also around a week to get to you). Or EXPRESS MAIL which cost $18 (and takes around 2-3 days to get to you and again there's insurance up to $100 in case your package gets lost). As for International Orders to get the shipping cost please visit Canada Post at m to calculate your rate.Once you have your rate its in Canadian Dollar so you have to go towww.xe.comagain to change that rate into US dollars then to that you add the price tage of the coin/item to get the Total cost of your payment.

P.O.Box 262 Succ. St. Michel
Montreal H2A 3M1

--->>Major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.
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