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Warning !...All these coins are FAKES!...Be carefull everyone !!

*** Please note that none of these coins are for sale ***

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Modern Fake of Alexander the great tetradrachm .It's too perfectly round . It doesn't look a struck coin to me it's more of a cast. And it's not silver , there might be few percent of silver in it but when you drop it on a hard surface it doesn't make the sound a silver coin would do it has actually the sound of a piece of steel .Weight: ??g-Diameter:??mm-Alloy-Ref.#108

Fake Maximianus Coin . It's just too perfectly round and it feels soapy which i think was in some kind of a mold that left this texture on the coin-Weight: 9.2g-Diameter: 24mm-Copper-Ref.#132

Fake Tigranes coin . The flan just look weird ,too many cracks it's actualy a flacky coin like you can pry pieces of it with your finger nail. It's a stuck or press coin not a cast one . It's a mechanically striken/pressed coin which explain these cracks too much force was applied onto the coin. Another intersting thing is that there is no patina inside the cracks only on the obverse and the reverse-Weight: 7.4g-Diameter: 21mm-Bronze-Ref.#189

Another Fake Tigranes coin . This is just like the one above it but with a bad flan. It seems that parts have been pried off or fell off. Or maybe there was too much pressure applied on it from the pressing maching causing it to crumble like that. I bought both of them toguether from the same antiques dealer who doesn't know much about ancient coins. #170

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