Response Center 4269: Department of Author Correspondence Mary Sues: Various Fandom Division

The Deparment of Author Correspondence is technically not a field department. We are a part of the filter system, seeking out badfic that can be salvaged, and telling the authors through constructive criticism.

In reality, we are just another set of agents that Upstairs can send on missions without recruiting. The missions posted have us working as honorary members of the Department of Mary Sues.

Claudia Beth King, one half of the original DAC, will no longer be updating or appearing in the PPC, due to personal issues. As a result, Ella Darcy has been transferred out of the RC #4269, and two new Agents have taken up residence: Agents Isabelle Delanuit and Damien Martins, part of the Department of Mary Sues, though they do not specialize in a single fandom.

This is now their story.

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