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The TRUE Story of Grauman's Chinese Theater Footprints

The Chinese Theater - circa 1927

Jean W. Klossner (Mr. Footprint) is the man who built Sid Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, then went on to perform the world-famous footprint ceremonies from 1926-1957. Nobody "slipped" or "fell" into wet cement ... there was NO WET CEMENT AT THAT TIME!!, it was all carefully planned out by Mr. Grauman and Mr. Klossner.

The real footprint (hand print) idea came from Mr. Klossner's family in the early 1800's. As three generations of Klossners (Jean, James & William) completed work on the Notre Dame Cathedral, they "signed" their work by pressing their hands in the fresh cement. Jean Klossner brought this idea over with him from Europe and used it on all the buildings he completed with the Meyer-Holler Construction Co. in Los Angeles including:
The Egyptian Theater, The All-American Theater, The Hollywood Masonic Lodge, Hollywood First Federal Savings and many others.
When it was time to finish Sid Grauman's Chinese, Mr. Klossner pressed his hand in the fresh cement out front of the theater's right-hand poster frame, where it remains today, some 85 years ago THIS YEAR!. When Sid Grauman saw him do this, the two developed the idea to decorate the otherwise drab forecourt ... and the rest is history.

Jean William Klossner

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After Mr. Klossner passed away in 1965, (age 91) the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce jumped at the chance to "BORROW" the idea for FREE and have used it for their "Walk of Fame" in spite of the fact that it is still covered under world copyrights. *** Even though the C of C has benefitted for years from an idea which they took from us, they refuse to give credit where credit is due - to the man who started it all
Jean W. Klossner

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