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SCAM SLAMMER: Email pranks against Nigerian Scammers


**NEW** Click here to listen to scammers leaving silly messages on my answering service!! Very Funny!!

Welcome to Scam Slammers. Have you ever gotten an email from a western Africa country, primarily Niageria, that promises millions of dollars if you help them move the money to an offshore account. If so, you may be a potential victim to the Nigerian Money Scam. If a person from Nigeria or some other African country claims to have millions of dollars and wants you to move the money out of the country then there is something wrong here. Why would someone need a foreigner to move money? What happens here is that the person claims to move the money but you get stuck paying lawyer fees and other upfront fees to move the money. Here's the jacked up part: There is no money!. The scammer just took your fees so he or she goes on a nice vacation to visit another sucker. My goal is to frustrate these scammers to the point where either they one get pissed off at me because I had them fly to a far off place to "meet" me and never show or they just move on to another victim. Below are my responses to these scumbags. So enjoy Scam Slammers, by Scam Slammer.
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Jennifer Bastille,Bobby Barker,Busta Caps (AKA Scam Slammer)

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**NOTE TO READERS** This site is not intended to be racist, homophobic or discriminating in any way. Its sole purpose is to frustrate criminals who steal people's hard earned money. I will not use any racial or bigoted terms in my Scam Slams. ENTER AT YOUR RISK
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