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Newspaper Articles of interest:

The following articles from the Providence Journal and Local Paper The Standard Times highlights some of the concerns parents and taxpayers of NK have with the current school administration. Please click on the word article next to the article of interest.

article Parents, Mudge ask AG to probe land transaction - Std. Times 1/8/04

article New hire: More discussion needed? - Std. Times Editorial 1/8/04

article State agency: Entire band room does not have to be accessible - ProJo 12/23/03

article SCommittee hires first PR person for district - ProJo 12/18/03

article Halley vows to fix roofs despite weather, Labor Department - ProJo 12/18/03

article Most committee members back school superintendent - ProJo 12/16/03

article Town may lose state aid for construction of high school - ProJo 12/15/03

article Advisory panel to be formed on school evacuation policy - ProJo 12/4/03

article Labor Dept., Halley at odds over school roof work - ProJo 12/1/03

article Miscues continue to plague school roof repairs - ProJo 11/28/03

article Roof Jobs: Competency in Question Std Times EDITORIAL 11/13/03

article Parents call for Supt. Halley's Dismissal - ProJo 11/20/03

article Petition seeks Halley's Ouster - Std Times 11/20/03

article Angry NK parents want Halley fired - Std Times 11/13/03

article Air tests at Forest Park delayed until today - ProJo 11/19/03

article Fumes close North Kingstown school - ProJo 11/8/03

article Roofing-glue fumes empty grade school for a second time - ProJo 11/11/03

article Stony Lane students evacuated 2nd time - Std Times 11/13/03

article Roof jobs: Competency in question - Std Times 11/13/03

article School repairs: NK council acts wisely - Std Times Editorial 10/30/03

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