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From: Sullivan, Robert
To: DeFedele, Don ; Coppa, Denise ; Mulvey, Kevin ; Watkins, Patricia ; Martasian, Barry ; Hueston, Carol ; Bill Mudge
Cc: ; ; many other emails ; NEANK ; NKAPP ; NKESP ; Halley, James ; Daly, William

Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:17 AM

Subject: Roofing Outrage

Dear SC Members,
        Attached are summaries I requested from Association building reps in the affected buildings.  They are not intended to be all encompassing but rather a representative sketch of what happened.  The first is that of Hamilton Elementary from last year.  I include it because I believe it shows a history of management callousness in light of what is going on this year.  Next is that of Davisville Elementary School.  It is the most detailed one.  After that, preceding the SL summary, are two communications from the building rep of Stony Lane to the Elementary Grievance Advocate anticipating, before the project began, the SL tragedy that resulted.  The Advocate, accordingly, was in what turned out to be fruitless communication about this anticipation with Central Adm.  Following these two e-mails is the SL summary itself.  Last is that of Forest Park.  Although FP children were spared the harm their contemporaries of HE, DE and SL were not, nonetheless, there was impact educationally. 

        Please take the time to read through them.  The more I do, the more outraged I become both as a professional and as a human being.  We censure very strongly what has happened.  Systemic change of a corrective nature is imperative so that these types of abuses and others will not occur in the future.

        R. Sullivan
        President, NEANK

Attachment: Roof Summaries

Forest Park Summary 11/18/03

Stony Lane Medical Summary Nov 2003