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Credit to Giant in the Playground from the D&D message boards.

"So, ladies," the male halfling purred as he took in the sight of the two young halfling women seated at the table. "What kind of drink can I buy you tonight?"

Liana (the blonde one) rolled her eyes. "Please. I'd rather go thirsty." She looked at the halfling man who was trying very hard to suave and had to stifle a laugh. He was just such a...loser. She could probably pick his pocket clean before he even finished his routine of tired pick-up lines. She winked at her friend, Rachi, who subtly moved around the man, setting up to distract him.

"Yeah," the Rachi chimed in, "You've got no chance, so, uh...beat it." Liana winced; that would pretty much ruin her chances to clean this dork out if he left now. Rachi was her friend, but she had a lot to learn about how to run a con.

Suddenly, the bartender cried out! The man in front of them turned to see what the commotion was, which Liana seized as the perfect opportunity. Her hand slid into his purse and grabbed the first thing she found there—was it an amulet of some kind?

"He robbed the till!" the bartender was yelling, pointing out the back door of the tiny hobbit-sized tavern. Whoever it had been, they could no longer be seen through the swinging door.

Without a word, the man in front of Liana pulled a small rock from his belt (startling Liana into pulling her hand out of his moneybag) and threw it at the door. The pebble flew straight to the door, striking it as it swung open again, then ricocheted to the left and out of sight. "Ow!" was heard, then "OW!" again, then a heavy thump. The entire bar rushed to the door to see what had happened, and there, lying about 15 feet away, was the robber, with two distinct pebble-sized red marks directly between his eyes.

"Wow," Rachi muttered breathlessly, "that was...amazing." Liana took a look at the amulet she had swiped from his purse: it was a golden medal bearing the words, "Rivervale Shire Rock-Throwing Champion."

She delicately slid her arm around the stranger's waist (taking time to put the medal back) and whispered to him, "Maybe that drink's not out of the question after all. Then maybe you, me, and my friend can..."

The Halfling Skiprock Champion is the master of halfling sporting events. Revered and idolized by thousands of young halflings, the Skiprock Champion regularly displays his uncanny throwing prowess in halfling Rock-Throwing tournaments.

Race: Halfling
Base Attack Bonus: +6
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Halfling Skiprock), Far Shot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (Halfling Skiprock)
Special: Must win three or more public rock-skipping or rock-throwing contests with at least 10 entrants each.

Class Abilities:
Hit Dice: d6
Base Attack Bonus: As Fighter
Fortitude Save: Poor
Reflex Save: Good
Will Save: Poor
Skill Points per Level: 2 + Int
Skills: Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Jump (Str), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Spot (Wis).

Special Abilities:
1 - Skip Distance (10 feet), Skip Trick
2 - Sports Star, Find Skiprocks
3 - Skip Trick
4 - Skipping (2 skips per throw)
5 - Skip Distance (15 feet)
6 - Skip Trick
7 - Skipping (3 skips per throw)
8 - Skip Distance (20 feet)
9 - Skip Trick
10 - Skipping (4 skips per throw), Skip Distance (25 feet)

Skipping: Whenever any halfling throws a skiprock, he can gain one or more "skips" to strike other foes. Whenever a skiprock successfully strikes a target (be it a creature, a wall, whatever), the rock bounces and changes direction, at the thrower's control. This is a "skip," and a normal skiprock thrower (one without this Prestige Class) can only make a single skip with each throw of the skiprock, and can only use that one skip to attack another foe.

However, the Skiprock Champion is much more skilled than the average halfling. A Champion may cause a skiprock to skip multiple times in a single throw, or perform special tricks. In order to gain a "skip" the halfling must successfully strike his intended target, after which it bounces off and continues its path. The skiprock continues moving until it has struck as many extra targets as the Champion is entitled "Skips per Throw" or until it fails to strike a target. After each skip, the attack roll for the next target is made at a cumulative –2 penalty, and the halfling must declare the entire path of the skiprock before throwing it. The entire path of the rock cannot exceed the maximum range (as modified by the Far Shot feat) and range penalties apply for every 15 feet the rock travels. Important: Only the first 30 feet of a skiprock's path can include sneak attacks; after it has travelled that far, the halfling is relying as much on luck as accuracy. Weapon Specialization damage also only applies to targets struck within the first 30 feet of the skiprock's path.

In order to make more than one skip per throw, a Champion cannot rush his throws. He may not use the Rapid Shot feat unless he chooses to only make one skip per throw, forgoing additional skips he may be entitled to. Likewise, he may not throw with more than one hand in the same round, or use a skiprock as sling ammunition, in order to gain any of the benefits of this class.

A Skiprock Champion gains an additional skip per throw at 4th, 7th, and 10th levels.

Sports Star: Halfling Skiprock Champions are the elite sports superstars of their culture, and attract attention wherever they go. A Skiprock Champion may add half of his levels in this prestige class (rounded down) to all Diplomacy skill checks with fellow halflings if he is recognized as a Skiprock Champion, or double this amount with halflings of the opposite gender. A demonstration of rock-skipping prowess is often enough to grant this bonus, even if the halflings do not recognize the Champion by name or face.

Find Skiprock: The halfling Skiprock Champion can learn to spot perfect natural skiprocks with (relative) ease. At the end of every day of regular travel, the Champion may make a Spot check against DC 25; if he suceeds, he finds a skiprock along the side of the road.

Skip Distance: Normally, when a skiprock hits a target, it can skip to another target within 5 feet and hit it (with a –2 penalty). Starting at 1st level, the Champion's secondary target can be up to 10 feet away from the first, and this maximum distance increases by another 5 feet at 5th, 8th, and 10th feet.

Skip Tricks: At 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 9th level, the Skiprock Champion can choose one of the following Tricks to learn. Each Trick changes the normal behavior of a skiprock, allowing him amazing control over the path of the rock.

• Returning: After a skip, instead of striking another target, the rock returns to the halfling's hand. This trick is usually the last performed in a skip sequence.

Ba-Bump: Upon striking a target, instead of ricocheting to another, the rock flies straight up for 5 feet, then falls back down, striking the same target again. After the second strike, the rock can continue on to another target if it has more skips available. You may never attack the same target more than twice in a row using this Trick. This Trick uses up 10 feet of the rock's flight path.

Bank Shot: The halfling learns to bounce skiprocks off walls, trees, ceilings, etc., in order to make a difficult shot. While the halfling must make an ranged touch attack roll to hit the wall, most walls have a touch AC of 1 (trees and such might be higher). If successful, the rock can bounce up to 180 degrees and continue on its way. This trick is used to attack opponents hiding behind cover (in which case it ignores that cover) or with which the halfling does not have line of sight. Note that this trick still counts as a skip, so attacks made after a bank shot still suffer the –2 penalty for being a secondary attack.

Ping Pong: This Trick is only available if the Champion can make 2 or more skips in a single throw. Whenever a foe is struck twice with the same thrown skiprock (but at least one other target was successfully hit between the first and the second attack), the second attack gains a cumulative +2 bonus to damage. For example, two fighters stand 10 feet apart. A 10th level Skiprock Champion throws a skiprock at one and hits him, then uses his first skip to bounce to the second fighter at a –2 to hit. He hits that fighter, then has the rock bounce back to the first fighter, now with a -4 to hit but +2 to damage due to the Ping Pong. The halfling then uses his third skip to send it back to the second fighter, now at –6 to hit and +2 to damage, and his fourth skip to go back to the first fighter, now suffering –8 to hit but +4 to damage (since the damage bonus accumulates).

What the—: A whizzing, unpredictable skiprock can be just as distracting as a swat from a greatsword. Whenever the Champion uses the standard Attack action or a readied partial action to throw a single skiprock (that is, not a full attack), all damage caused by the skiprock during that throw counts double towards the DC for any Concentration checks the target must make that round. This Trick is almost always used when readying an action to disrupt a spellcaster.

Between the Eyes: With this Trick, the first attack of any skiprock throw is treated as if the Critical Threat range was double what it normally is (19-20, instead of just 20). Note that this attack must be the one made before any skips, so that in a bank shot situation, this ability is "wasted" on the wall, not the first creature hit. This increase stacks with Improved Critical and Weapon of Impact.

Soft Skip: The Champion may make any or all attacks with a skiprock inflict subdual damage. He does not suffer a –4 penalty to attack rolls for doing so, and may freely mix subdual and regular attacks within the same throw. You must declare which attacks are to be subdual before throwing, of course.

Lucky Bounce: Once per round, when a skiprock misses its target but still has one or more skips remaining, the Skiprock Champion can choose to declare a "lucky bounce." While the attack is still considered a miss, the rock skips to the next designated target as if it were a hit.