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This site is in no way connected to the Cape Coral Fla. Sea Hawk R/C Radio Control Airplane Club
And some of these pictures were not taken at the Air Show

Cape Coral Florida R/C Air Port Air Show


The Air show is usually held the third week end in
Check with the Sea Hwaks Clubs for exact dates
It is held at the Sea Hawk Field in North Cape Coral FL

On this page you will find Video of an Air Show and
Lots more


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Before getting to the Radio Control Info
Please take a few minutes to educated yourself about
technology which exists which can


First: Here is a Video of the webmaster ENGAGED in an Air Combat USA Flight
View this montage created at One True Media
Bill Tomsick Air Combat Video
Click HERE to view Video


And once again my Air Combat U.S.A. flight Video

Yes that's me


Stop Here
for a Page with Pictures of Each Night Sunset
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And links to more info on the Beautiful Cape Coral Florida Area


A nice crowd ( est at 3000 )showed up

a B-17 takes off -- but trouble strikes - two engines quit
She has to do an emergency go-around and come back in

wheeeeewwww ! A safe Landing BUT That was a close call

The ground crew works on it on the Flight Line
Then Back to the hanger for repairs

The long walk continues to the hanger for repairs where
The crack ground crew works on the "Fort"

A former actual B-17 Pilot in WWII sings the wing of the "Flying Fortress"
These guys were real Heroes TOO !!!

Still to come the video of this years event


A B-26 Night Intruder In Flight

A Crowd Favorite - The Candy Bomber Gets loaded up with goodies to be dropped later over the spectators

A Twin Cessna Climbs Out and
The Twin on the Downwind leg - prepares for landing

The Corsair - The Plane that won the Pacific and made the Black Sheep Squadron Famous

Another Corsair coming in for a landing

Just a few of the over 150 planes that were on display and in action

Another crowd favorite -A Jet with a real turbine engine - Wow is this thing fast

Another Real Jet - an L-1011 - three engines machine

A German ME-163 WWII era rocket plane -

A P-40 War Hawk Lands safely

A P-51 Mustang takes off ... and does some manuevers

The Mustang does a low and fast then a slow wheels down fly-by

Some German Stukas And a "Jug" ( P-47 Thunderbolt )

Another "Jug"

A stunt pilot put on a great disply

This must be what is was like at Pearl Harbor as the Jap Zero's AND Betty's Bore In

A Real Great Lookin Plane -- the Jap Zero

My friend Vern Gets close to the P-40 and a Stunt Plane



For even More about Cape Coral



Check out the Creator AND Web Master Of This Page Bill Tomsick 's Air Combat USA experiences



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HERE is the Cape Coral Sea Hawks Radio Controlled Airplane Site


and now the video of the 2008 Cape Coral Sea Hawks Radio controlled aitplabe clucb Air Show


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View this montage created at One True Media
A Bloody Shark Attack Cape Coral FL


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Cape Coral sea hawks, The Cape Coral Sea Hawk Radio controlled airplance club is located in northern cape coral off of Nelson Blvd
THE CLUBS NAMES IS THE CAPE CORAL SEAHAWKS or cape coral sea hawks it is for radio controlled model air planes airplanes the cape coral seahawks or sea hawks meet at the sea hawk airfield in northern Cape Coral fl fla florida to fly their planes. police fire department - sunset celebration - free cruises - sunset pictures things to do while vivisting cape coral fl free inexpensive attractions on Cape Coral florida cheap free stuff to do while in Cape Coral fla cheapest gas in the area - lowest priced gasoline available in cape coral region at any station in Cape Coral