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Buttermilk Chicken Thighs

12Chicken Thighs
1 CupButtermilk
1/2 CupFlour
2 TbspParsley, chopped
1 TspSalt
1 TspThyme leaves, dried
1/4 CupShortening
1/4 CupButter
1/4 CupChicken Broth

1) Place chicken in bowl. Pour buttermilk over chicken. Marinate for 2 hours.
2) In another bowl, combine flour, parsley, salt, thyme leaves, and pepper.
3) Remove chicken from buttermilk.
4) Pour buttermilk from marinating chicken in a shallow baking dish.
5) Roll pieces in flour mixture.
6) Heat shortening and butter in skillet.
7) Brown chicken on all sides, a few at a times, over medium-high heat.
8) Place chicken on top of buttermilk in baking dish.
9) Add chicken broth to skillet. Scrape up brownings. Strain and pour around chicken in baking dish.
10) Bake uncovered at 375 F until crisp and tender for 50 minutes.