Sweet And Sour Roast Chicken - FunTasTicRecipes.com

Sweet And Sour Roast Chicken

1Chicken, whole (3 - 5 Lbs)
1 TbspButter, softened
1/2 TspSalt
1/4 TspPepper
1/4 TspGinger
3Celery Stalks
1 CanPineapple Chunks
2 TbspBrown Sugar
3 TbspWater
1 1/2 TbspSoy Sauce
1 TbspApple Cider, Vinegar or Red Vinegar
1 TbspCornstarch
1Sweet Pepper, thinly sliced

1) Place chicken in pan. Pour melted butter over chicken.
2) Sprinkle with salt, pepper and ginger. Top with celery.
3) Bake at 355 F for about 30 minutes or until lightly browned.
4) Drain pineapple juice into a cup. Blend in brown sugar, water, soy sauce, vinegar and cornstarch.
5) Pour mixture over chicken in pan.
6) Continue baking covered for 1 hour.
7) Uncover chicken and continue baking for a half hour to 1 hour, until chicken is done.
8) Top with pineapple chunks and sliced sweet pepper.