Mild Chicken Wings -

Mild Chicken Wings

12Chicken Wings
1Egg, whisked
1 CupFlour
1 TbspCayenne
1 CupButter or Olive Oil
1 475 mL BottleCatellini Dressing
2 TbspHot Pepper Sauce
2 TbspCayenne Powder
1 TspMSG

1) Cut wings in half, discarding the tip.
2) Whisk egg and water. Combine flour and cayenne in separate bowl. Dip wings in egg and then flour mixture.
3) Fry in butter for ten minutes on each side. Put in shallow pan over a wire rack.
4) Meanwhile cook catellini dressing with the rest of ingredients. When boiling oil will appear on top. Spoon out oil periodically.
5) Dip wings in mixture and place in another pan. Bake at 300 F for an hour or two, turning over every half hour.