Chili -


20Tomatoes, fresh, whole
4 CansTomato Paste, small
3 TbspBrown Sugar
1 TbspOregano
1 TbspBasil
2 TbspParsley
1 TspRosemary
1 TspTarragon
1 TbspGarlic, minced
1/2Onion, small, diced
1/4 CupChili Powder
3 TbspCrushed Chili Peppers
3 CansKidney Beans, drained
1 LbLean Ground Beef

1) Wash and cut up tomatoes, discarding waste.
2) Combine tomatoes in large pot. Boil.
3) When tomatoes are liquifying add in the spices, brown sugar and tomato paste, boiling slightly still yet.
4) Meanwhile, brown ground beef in frying pan and drain. Add to chili.
5) Add in kidney beans and continue to boil for about an hour, adding in tomato paste to desired consistency. Add in chili powder to desired taste.
6) Can eat with toast.
7) Freeze any leftover chili.