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Cheesy Log

1 1/3 CupCheddar Cheese
1 PkgCream Cheese
1/4 CupOnion, diced
1/4 CupSweet Pepper, diced
1/4 CupMushrooms, diced
1 CloveGarlic, minced
2 TspWorcestershire Sauce
1/2 TspSoy Sauce
2 TbspYogurt
1 TbspSugar
1/2 TspVanilla
1 Pkg, SmallBlue Cheese, optional

1) Blend cheddar cheese and half cream cheese. Add onion, sweet pepper, mushrooms, garlic,worcestershire sauce and soy sauce.
2) Refrigerate for a half hour.
3) Blend the rest of the cream cheese with the yogurt, sugar and vanilla.
4) Shape cheddar cheese mixture into log. Shape the cream cheese mixture around the log.
5) Top with sliced blue cheese for added flavor, but very optional.
6) Refrigerate overnight.
7) Remove the blue cheese if desired and serve with crackers.