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Litter # 8 - Whelped 23rd September, 2005

Ch LaSimba Without a Doubt (Kodi)
LaSimba Out on the Town (Ralph)
BJW-06 LaSimba Out of Ngai Zamu (Zanta) - The Netherlands
LaSimba Out N About (Nisha)
LaSimba Out of This World (Tahni)
LaSimba Twist and Shout (Pebble)
LaSimba Knock Out (Rubani)

Sire: Ch Riginal Do U Get Excited (AI) ET

(Swd Ch Tatoo's Rhuben Van Rooyen : Ch Riginal Patience ET)

Hips 3 + 2 = 5 / Elbows 0 + 0

Dam: Ch Starridge Kamili Zenith

(Ch Sanbele Katana : Ch Starridge Litl Sunshine ROM)

Hips 2 + 2 = 4 / Elbows 0 + 0

The babies made their grand entrance more than three days late. After one pup emerged, the rest decided they didn't want to come out so poor Zenith had to have an emergency c-section in the wee hours to retrieve the rest. Unfortunately, one little girl didn't live for long after the operation.

We are proud to announce that Doug and Zenith have seven beautiful kids - 2 boys and 5 girls. No ridgeless, no dermoid sinus, no multi / single crowns, no kinked tails or excess white. One boy has a short ridge.

The puppies' individual webpages can be viewed via the above links.