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Dedicated to my Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad,
This page is entirely dedicated to you.
Poems you read on this page were done by Carole. My wonderful friend in Fla. And the reason I was able to do this is because of my good friend Rita in ILL. They are truly wonderful people
I have also added a guardian angel to watch over this page and you always.
Well enjoy your page. I love you both so much. Thank you for all that you do.

Angel Mom

Did you know that God made Angels
And put them on earth for us to share
He made them as humans
And told them they must care...

He told them to be true to their family,
To love each and every one
To nurture their children
And make their learning fun!

To protect them from harm and make sure they know
That they are so special
they make their heart glow!

A few years ago, a child was born
To An Angel Mom, so soft and warm
I was that child, it is quite clear,
I was that child, with a mom so dear.

I watched her face each day, sometimes alone,
I watched as she struggled toward the unknown.
I watched her find courage
In the adversity of life
I watched her with joy as she became Jim's wife

She lights up my world...
A wonderful job she has done!
She is God's perfect rainbow...
My wonderful, Loving, Angel Mom!

For Jim...

One day,now long ago,a special man came into our lives,
To give us happiness and all the love he had
To me it was a great gift from heaven
When Jim joined our family as my dad.

Yes, Jim was special from that very first day
When I knew he was our very own...
Jim is still special in his wonderful way
And how much I love him should now be known!

As I trek through the multiple pathways where life has led me
And as I fight each day to find my way
Jim has been there to guide me
He has entered my heart-he's there to stay!

Jim's love for Mom is strong, so true!
He shares with her life's winding road.
The joys, the fears...the laughter, the tears
He walks beside her to share the load.

This man became my father, my special friend
His love enfolds us one and all
His heart beats strongly day after day
It does not hesitate, nor will it fall.

Our love for Jim knows no restriction
Nor does it falter when we're apart
For Jim will always be our hero...
The one with the cherished heart!

This was sent to me to be your guardian angel. She will watch over this page and you all the time. but do come back if you need to and visit all the angels who are here on this page to watch and cheer you through tough times.

Hello we are your angels of faith, hope, and love we are here to be sure you have enough of each, every day.
We know you were expecting a Guardian Angel, but, Lady Natasha just couldn't find one. So she seen us and immediately adopted us. We will be here anytime you need us. All you have to do is visit your page.
Ok Lady Natasha found you a guardian angel. But we like being here and will always stay right where we are.

This poem was written for you from me By my friend Rita

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad when I think of you
I think about a love that's true
About a couple that is truly we
And a love that was meant to be
Your matching shirts, your travels your sense of fun
The two of you are truly one
The two of you are essential to me,
Like a river must return to the sea
Your love is a beacon shining true
Mom and dad I love you

This is Mom and Jim's cat Soleil. They got him as a kitten in 1997.

This was awarded to me from nikkers nest for the love and dedication I have put into these pages.Click on the award to go to her site. Thank you Paula for this award.

This Guardian Angel is for you mom may she guide you through your time of need.

This is a mother's Day gift just for you. My friend Anna from Bossett creations sent me a url for her new globes and one page was mother's day globes. So I had to get you one. Happy Mother's Day Mom. Your the best.

All our warm words of comfort here.

Everything I do I do for You By Bryan Adams

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