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Lady Elizabeth Guinevere Krull
Hello. Welcome to our Fairy page. Let me introduce myself. I am Lady Elizabeth and this here is Baby Guinever. She is my little sister. Lady Natasha wanted us to be together. So she adopted both of us. I have several ideas I will be discussing wit hLady Natasha to do wit hthis page so please come back often and see how we are doin.
Our Lady Natasha will make sure we are well cared for and have many things to keep us occupied for all our days.
Oh and please look at where Lady Natasha adopted us. It is truly a wonderful place. You will find the link below, and have a wonderful day.
Well, now I can introduce you to our new pet. His name is Krull. Lady Natasha wanted us to have a pet to take care of and play with. Right now he has to stay in his bottle for he breathes fire all the time and we don't want to burn our page up, but will train him and when he grows up we can take him out of the bottle.
Hello Blue and Midnight, welcome to our page. Lady Natasha will take good care of all of us. I'm glad you like Krull and when we can take him out of his bottle we will have fun with him.
In the meantime, let's write that fairy poem and get it on our page.
a little fairy dust for my Page and a little bear to help sprinkle it..

Hi. I'm Blue and I'm Midnight Lady Natasha put us here to make friends with Lady Elizabeth. We understand she has a baby sister. Boy, we wish we were as lucky.
But we are here to be friends with her. We have met Elizabeth and are planning on doing a poem for our web page.
We like seeing Krull. We will be glad when he is older so he can play with all of us.
Well come visit again soon.



Hello. I'm Opal. Lady Natasha's birth fairy. She adopted me because I'm a libra you know the scales and I will keep things from getting out of hand here in the fairy palace. So if the girls get out of control or Lady Elizabeth needs some help with Guinvere. I am here for them.

My story begins in the forest
5 fairies were left on their own
Till the beautiful Lady Natasha
Adopted and made them her own.
Now she also adopted a pet dragon
In a bottle he sits on his own
Till his fire breathing he learns to control.
Now she loves these cute little fairies
Their names were picked with such care
Lady Elizabeth,Gwenaveer,Midnight,Opal,& Blue
And our special pet dragon named Krull.
Now they live in her land of fantasy
She created straight from the Heart
And forever they never will part
By Rita J Forster

Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved.

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