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Welcome to KoDust Rhodesian Ridgebacks. We are based in sunny Queensland, Australia.

At KoDust we have been involved in conformation showing, obedience, agility and lure coursing. Our dogs are first and foremost our family pets and are loving members of our family.

KoDust will not be planning any litters for 2008/2009 as I am busy studying for my nursing qualifications. For anyone interested in a Rhodesian Ridgeback as a family companion please contact Cyndy Burton of Starridge, Dale Blinco of Riginal, Fiona Long of LaSimba and Di Brennan of HuntingRidge. Of course there are many other brilliant breeders to choose from in Australia, but the above mentioned people have had a very positive influencing factor in our lives for many years.

Jelani has now turned the fabulous age of 10 years old on 6 December and we celebrated by buying lots of yummy treats and toys and followed up the next day with a family bar-be-que which included all the dogs (both mine and mum's).

I will endeavour to update the site with photos over the next week or two while I have a little time as I am only studying 2 subjects over summer.

Updated Tuesday 16th December 2008

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