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Providence, RI Family History Center


“Genealogy ~ Unraveling The Past”



Time: Saturday, April 20, 2002 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Registration = 8:30 AM)


Place: 1000 Narragansett Parkway, Warwick, RI


Guest Speaker: Thomas H. Roderick, Ph. D.

Thomas H. Roderick, PH.D., research geneticist and genealogical researcher, developing research approaches utilizing genetics in genealogy (major project utilizes mtDNA analysis in confirming umbilical lines and uncovering new relationships); member, NGS1 Family Health History Committee, a former NGS regional councilor, and recipient of the NGS President’s Citation. A former president of Maine Genealogical Society and former editor of its’ journal, “The Maine Genealogists.


Carefully select the classes you wish to attend, the following is a list of topics and

instructor profiles. A time schedule is included on the registration form. When you have chosen which classes you prefer, complete the registration form and return by April 8th.


Mail in pre-registration = $ 7.00, to register at the door = $10.00.


United States Research – Conn., Mass., RI

1. The Records Housed at the Rhode Island State Archives ~ Kenneth S. Carlson started his internship of the RI Archives in 1991. He assisted in the development of retention schedules for departments of local government, and is currently a reference archivist. He holds a degree in history, his honor thesis was on RI Civil War Regiments. He is a member of the RIC Hall of Fame for History and wrote articles for The RI Commissions for Humanities.


2. Historic Block Island ~ Barbara Gaspar is a resident of Block Island and volunteers at the island’s Historical Society and the RI Historical Society. Jeffrey Howe specializes in researching the Native Americans of Block Island and will cover that aspect of the island.


3. Using Rhode Island’s Court Records as an additional resource ~ Andrew Smith is the Assistant Administrator of Archives at the RI Judicial Records. He has a B.A. in history and education. He has worked in the Providence School District’s History Department, has been a RI Judiciary trainer and is a member of the RI Historical Society.


4. Accessing Genealogical resources in Connecticut ~ Janet Pestey is a Board member of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists and volunteers at the Woodbridge FHC2. She has taught Family Research courses for adult education and the community college as well as presentations on Family Research and Irish Research. She belongs to a number of groups related to genealogy.


5. Genealogical Resources at the New Bedford Free Public Library ~ Paul Cyr is the Director of Special Collections at the New Bedford Library and is the former president of the Acadian Cultural Society. Has been a researcher for 22 years.


6. Whaling Crew List Index and General Preservation for Genealogists ~ Ernestina V. Furtado has a Masters in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Archives Management. As the New Bedford Archivist since 1996, she has implemented many significant improvements. Her efforts has brought fought the library’s internet’s Whaling Crew List Index Database and oversees all data entry from original documents.

7. Using the RI Historical Cemeteries as a resource ~ Deby Nunes worked with John Stering in setting up the cemetery database project in 1990. Currently she is the systems librarian at the Warwick Library and was the Asst. Director at the East Greenwich Library for 7 years.  She has co-authored a book on North Kingstown Cemeteries with Althea McAleer and Beatrix Hoffius in 1992. She has done research for 30 years.


8. Using the RI Historical Library’s Unique Resources ~ Rick Stattler has been the Manuscripts Curator at the RI Historical Library since 1994 and has served as Associate Director since 1999. He has an M.A. in American History and is an experienced genealogical and biographical researcher for many years.


9.  Introduction to the Genealogy Resources at the Massachusetts State Archives & Passenger Lists for the Port of Boston 1848-1891, “What the Index Cards Don’t Tell You”. Janis P. Duffy, a Reference Archivist and Coordinator of the Archives Volunteer Program. A member of the NEHGS,3 N. E. Archivists and NGS. Vice-President of TIARA4. Genealogical researcher for over 14 years.


International Research

10. Seeking your English Ancestors?  ~ Florence Battle holds an M. Ed. And has done work at Cambridge University, England and Trinity College, Dublin. She is a teacher at Moses Brown and has taught in Germany. She has been researching for over 26 years and made numerous trips to England and a former member of the FHC.


11. Deciphering Latin Records: Understanding the Catholic Parish Records of Italy which predate the civil vital records ~ Arthur Santoro is a genealogical researcher, lecturer, consultant, and was on the FHC staff.  He founded “Terra dei Parenti”, an organization that promotes Italian genealogy and culture and is past president of IGSA.  He was a contributing columnist to Italia USA and has published articles for regional newspapers in Italy.


12. Italian Family Research ~ Felice De Quattro volunteered and managed the Italian Vice Consular office of RI from 1997 to 2000 where he serviced the needs of the Italian community. He has made numerous trips to Italy to perform actual vital record research and has been on the FHC staff since 1997. He assists those who desire to acquire their Italian Citizenship (dual-citizenship) through all means possible.


13. (a) Starting Irish Research

      (b) So You Found Your Town land in Ireland, Now What ? ~ June French specializes in Irish records. Her “Irish Research Instruction Notebook” is used in Family History Centers thoughout New England. Besides her own, plus client-based research, she lectures on the subject. She has attended RISD, Ohio Univ., and URI, and is on the FHC Staff.


14. (a)Bridging the Atlantic for Swedish Americans

      (b)The Church Records of Sweden ~ Kay Sheldon is a past President of the “Swedish Ancestry Research Association”. She is working on a couple of projects; one is to research all of the Swedes who appeared in the Kalender of Swedes in Worcester, MA in 1883 and  listing all the people that lived in auburn, MA prior to 1940.


15. Searching for your Franco-American Ancestors ~Sylvia Bartholomy has been the editor of the AFGS newsletter since 1994, publicist for the AFGS since 1992 lecturing since 1996 and a researcher since 1990 as well as a volunteer at the AFGS5.


Government Records

16. (a) What Can Be Learned From Naturalization Records?

(b)      Research techniques in preparation for accessing the 1930 Census ~ Walter Hickey has been with the National Archives for 12 years. He currently is the Archives Specialist in the New England Region, Waltham, MA.


17. (a) How Do You Know You Have The Right Person?

     (b) The Basics for Searching Probate and Land Records ~ Helen S. Ullmann , CG s the Associate Editor of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, a Consulting Editor for the Newbury Street Press and a librarian at the Nashua FHC. She has a wide variety of published works which includes “Descendants of Peter Mills of Windsor, Conn. (1998) which won the Donald Lines Jacobus Award given by the American Society of Genealogists in 1999.


18. (a)How to Trace your 19th & 20th Century Immigrant Ancestor

      (b) Strategic Approaches For Successful Research ~ Jonathan D. Galli, CGRS, a professional genealogist and proprietor of American Ancestral Associates, has over 20 years experience with records from Italy, Nova Scotia, Washington, DC, and the US. Appointed by the RI Governor to the RI Historical Records Advisory Bd., previous editor of RIGS6, a past Director (1994-2001) of the 1997 Conference Co-Chairman for NERGC7, past Director of Genealogical Speakers Guild, founder and past president of the Italian Genealogical Society of America and a member of various genealogical societies.


Special Helps and Special Interests

19. (a) Umbilical lines and Y chromosome lines in Genealogical Research

     (b) Genealogical relationships; examples from our Presidents ~ Thomas H. Roderick, Ph. D, please see front page biography.


20. (a) Where Do I Start and Utilizing the LDS Family History Center Resources

      (b) Weeding through the Myriad of Internet Resources ~ Claire V. Brisson-Banks, Providence, RI FHC Director for 11 years, trained in Salt Lake City, has lectured regionally for over 10 years. Taught genealogy in 2 high schools, has an A.S. in Computer Science and is working on her B.S. Specialties are beginning & advanced techniques, Canadian, Scottish, English, RI and internet research.  She has been a consultant for 14 years, done extensive research and is a member of various genealogical societies.


21. Joining the DAR ~ Rosemarie E. Mello has an ED. B. from RIC and an M.S.W. from Boston College.  She has been the RI Historian of the Mayflower Society and is the Chapter Registrar of Aquidneck Island Chapter, DAR since 1996; following a 3 year term as Regent.


22. Your Ancestors Were On the Mayflower? ~ Alden Saunders is a retired teacher and school administrator. He is the former governor of the RI Mayflower Society and has done research for 30 years. He has a Sc. B. from URI and an ED. M. from RIC.


23. Everything you wanted to know about your family photographs ~ David L. Mishkin  

23. Everything you wanted to know about your family photographs ~ David L. Mishkin is the president of Just Black & White in Portland, ME which is a custom photographic processing lab specializing in copying and restoring historic and family photographs. He has a B.S. in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and has lectured on preserving photographs for over 10 years. A member and past secretary of the Genealogical Speakers Guild. Currently he is President of NERGC, past Exhibitor chairperson and co-chair for their next conference in 2003. He served as co-chair for the NGS conference in 2000. He has written several articles in a variety of photographic and genealogical magazines.


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8:30 ~ 9:25  Registration in Lobby

9:30 ~ 9:35  Opening

                          Invocation: ~Welcome & Remarks

9:35 ~ 9:55  Guest Speaker ~ Thomas H. Roderick, Ph. D

                           “Introduction to Using Genetics for Genealogical Research”


1st Session










10:00 to 10:50

RI Archives

Block Island

New Bedford Public Lib.

RI Historical Library

Latin Catholic Records

Italian Family Research

Franco-American Ancestors

Irish Ancestors

Beginning & LDS Resources

2nd Session










10:55 to 11:45

RI Judicial Ct. Rec.

RI Historical Library

MA State Archives

Researching English Ancestors

Latin Catholic Records

Swedish Ancestors

Naturalization Records

Do You Have The Right Person?

Beginning & LDS Resources


11:45 ~ 12:45 Lunch (provided)


3rd Session






13 (a)

18 (b)

20 (b)



12:50 to 1:40

RI Judicial Ct Rec.

CT Research

Whaling Cres Lists & More

MA State Archives

Italian Family Research

Ireland Townland Now What ?

Advanced Research

So Many Internet Sites !

Joining DAR

All about Photos Part 1

4th Session




14 (b)


17 (b)

18 (a)

19 (a)



1:45 tp 2:35

Whaling Cres List & More

RI Historical Cemeteries

Reseaching English Ancestors

Swedish Church Records

Franco-American Ancestors

Probate & Land Records

Immigrant Ancestors

Genetic Research Methods

Mayflower Ancestors ??

All About Photos Part 2

5th Session





16 (b)

19 (b)





2:40 to 3:30

Block Island

CT Research

New Bedford Pub. Lib.

RI Historical Cemeteries

1930 Census

Genealogy Relationships

Joining DAR

Mayflower Ancestors?

All About Photos Part 3







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Questions ? Contacts:  FHC Library Phone: 401-463-8150 (If no answer please leave message)

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Written Directions:


From Either North or South take Route 95 heading towards TF Green Airport. Take the Airport Exit. You will be on the Airport Connector. Take the Post Road Exit heading North by taking a left at the end of the exit. Follow to next major intersection of Airport Road passing Airport Plaza on the right. Take a right onto Airport Road. Follow through 5 lights till you come to the intersection of Warwick Ave. and Airport Road. To your right will be "Dave's Grocery Store. To your left will be D'Angelo's. Take a left onto Warwick Ave. Follow through two lights. You will pass BankRI on the right. At the 2nd light take a right turn onto Narragansett Parkway. At this intersection is a business establishment called "Grease Monkey". Go down about a 1/2 mile and the Church is on the right hand side.

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