About the Author

Because I've read fanfiction for so long and have always enjoyed finding great fanfiction sites I know that something people enjoy is knowing a little bit about the author, which is why I'm going to ramble here. I don't know why I started writing fanfiction and I'm really embarrassed to say that I have, which is pretty silly. I have always been a writer with a huge imagination writing stories about this and that but it never crossed my mind to include one of my idols as the lead character. Then I started reading the stories and it still didn't cross my mind until I suddenly started thinking about certain interesting ways to meet a Backstreet Boy. I never imagined that I'd end up writing about one of the scenarios that I came up with, let alone that it would turn into a huge story. But poof, I started to write it down and all the sudden "Crossing Paths" is well on its way to completion.

I really look at writing as an outlet. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for loving to write as much as I do because it's something that not a lot of people can understand. No one in my family is a writer so they all make fun of me when they watch me pull out my notebook and start scribbling down a poem or when I leap up from wherever when a new idea for my story jumps in my head and I run off to write it down. I think the love of writing is something you're born with. You either have it or you don't...and I have it. I can't imagine going a day without writing something. I'm not talking about an email of homework assignment but something for your own good, writing not because you have to but because you feel like you can't survive if you don't. I would legitimately feel robbed if someone told me I couldn't write anymore because that's how much of a valued possession it is to me.

As you can tell I love to ramble about stuff, words are my thing...what can I say? (Probably a lot lol) I knew about half way through 'Crossing Paths' that there would have to be a sequel which gave me 'Lost in the Rain.' And then the other stories just spawned into my head. I love hearing that people enjoy my stories because to me that's the biggest high. When someone writes or tells me that something I wrote impacted their life I feel like the richest person in the world because that is an extremely powerful feeling to have. I am a writer. I might not make a career out of it but I am and always will be a writer. That's no guarantee that I'll be writing fanfiction for the rest of my life because I certainly haven't always written it and most likely will stop...but for the time being I enjoy it.

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