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Krissy Carlson - Amy Nielsen

KC sida 2


July 21, 1999

SODhost: Please welcome Sunset Beach's Krissy Carlson!

KRISSY CARLSON: Hi, how is everybody doing?!?!

B_Holyfield_99 asks: Krissy how long have you been playing on Sunset Beach

CARLSON: I have been on for almost two years, a year and almost 11months, because it will be two years in August.

renee150 asks: Do you like playing Amy?

CARLSON: Yes, I love playing Amy! She's fun! :-)

prettygirl_6464 asks: Is Amy going to get Sean with the scheme she pulled today?

CARLSON: I can't tell you -- you have to watch and see!

Dork_girl_311 asks: Do you think your relationship with Sean will develop more even after the love potion wears off?

CARLSON: Yeah, I think so, only because Sean and Amy have been friends a very long time.

ambermoore14 asks: You were on one episode of Buffy, my fave show. What was it like to work with Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall, AMC), Charisma Carpenter, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, and all the other people?!

CARLSON: It was an experience because it was the first show that I've ever done, so I didn't really know what I was doing and I was a little intimidated working with all of them. But it turned out to be really fun! :-)

dashaker asks: What is a day on the set like??

CARLSON: Work! LOL! You go to work and get your hair and makeup done and you run your lines with the acting coach and the other actors, and we go on the set and do a few rehearsal and then we tape it, and then we get to go home! It varies how long it takes, but usually we're there between five an eight hours.

guam_girl97 asks: What's in store this week, since Guam gets Beach a week late!?

CARLSON: My plan works, and I get Sean to drink the love potion. :-)

smiles_1999_us asks: Do you think Sean will fall for Amy if he broke up with Emily?

CARLSON: Amy would definitely have her work cut out for her to have Sean fall for her after he breaks up with Emily, but anything is possible in Sunset Beach!

TVfreak714 asks: I am a big SB fan, I even have a SB club here at Yahoo, but I really liked the Shockwave storyline. What was it like filming those scenes on the ship?

CARLSON: That was the best experience so far that I've had on Sunset Beach. We had to work really long days but doing something that was so physical, with our own stunt coaches, that was the most fun. I hope we do another thing like that.

babegirlchick2000 asks: WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO WHEN you DON'T WORK?

CARLSON: Surf! And dance and shop and paint. I like to paint canvases.

smartie_chicki00 asks: Amy what brought you into interest into getting into the soap opera business?

CARLSON: I started as an actress doing guest spots and I hadn't really thought about doing a soap opera until they offered me the job, and then I took it!

sunpaper asks: Who was your idol?

CARLSON: I have many idols. Growing up, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Susan Sarandon. And my mom.

web_rose99 asks: How long does it usually take for one scene???

CARLSON: Not long at all. It depends, but for us, for the young people, we usually do our stuff in one or two takes, so I don't know, with rehearsal and everything it probably takes about 10, 15 minutes.

mxpxpunxrockrules asks: Amy what was your fave thing that has ever happened to you?

CARLSON: Probably getting on Sunset Beach.

Leigh7780 asks: I live in Britain and don't get much hot weather. What's it like working under hot conditions?

CARLSON: I love it! If you like the sun and the beach, it's so much fun, and I am a total beach person so I couldn't ask for anything better.

dashaker asks: How is it like working with Randy Spelling?

CARLSON: I always get asked that! It's great. I actually knew him before Sunset Beach. We're really good friends so it's great to get to go to work and have a great time at the same time.

egoajojo asks: If you could choose the perfect partner for Amy who would it be?

CARLSON: I actually think Tim Truman. I think they would make a good pair.

CYAZ99 asks: Hi Amy, I was wondering do you love doing this part in Sunset Beach?


silverdolphin84 asks: What's it like to be Amy?

CARLSON: It's interesting. She's a very multifaceted personality. She's complicated. I think everyone thinks she's just a bitch or just one thing, but the only reason she behaves the way she does is that she has so much going on inside. So it's definitely interesting.

surfinsbchick asks: Hi Krissy! I love the show! Who are you closest to on the show?

CARLSON: I would say Randy Spelling and Michael Strickland (Brad), and Priscilla Garita (Gabi).

CelebSpinner asks: Krissy, do you answer fan mail you get? If so, where can fans write to you at?

CARLSON: Yes. Actually, my mom answers it for me but I read all the letters myself, and you can just write to NBC and address it Attn: Krissy Carlson.

ILUVCLIVE asks: Any chance of Amy's mother or other relatives showing up in the near future?

CARLSON: I hope so! I'm not really sure but I think there's a very good possibility of her mother showing up, but I haven't heard anything about it.

luvly986 asks: Do you plan on having any kids, or do you have any now?

CARLSON: LOL! No I don't have any kids, but yes, I'm planning on having kids. I want two, a boy and a girl. But not for a very, very long time! :-)

BalletnNsync asks: Amy! You're so pretty I was wondering how old you were?

CARLSON: I'm 20, and thank you!

tuner75 asks: what is going on with Amy?

CARLSON: Watch the show!

CYAZ99 asks: HEY KRISSY, how is it to work with some HOT guys on the show?

CARLSON: It's fun! Because I see them every day, they're just regular guys. But when I first started, I was like, Wow, I can't believe I get to have a regular job and I get to work with these hot guys!

BondageAdeptUK asks: How much more satisfying is it to play a scheming and devious individual is it than someone virtuous and honest

CARLSON: It's not necessarily more satisfying, it's just more interesting because I'm not like that in real life, so I get to explore those areas of myself. It's like a power thing; you get to feel more powerful when you play those characters.

blinkboy182_99 asks: Hi Krissy! You're gorgeous!!!! Will you marry me?

CARLSON: Yes! Who is that? Who asked that?

banx5 asks: Do you ever get tired of what you do and wish you just had a "normal" job?

CARLSON: Sometimes, but then I hit myself and I realize, no, I would never want to do anything else.

Sweet_Love2002 asks: Krissy, do you enjoy working with Michael Strickland? You two are so funny together!

CARLSON: Yes, I'm actually teaching Michael how to surf right now, so we hang out a lot off the set. We have a great time together. We went down to where we shoot the beach to do it.

smiles_1999_us asks: If you could be any character who would it be besides Amy?

CARLSON: Annie. I'm sort of like a junior Annie but Amy doesn't have as many balls as Annie does. She's like a wimpier version of Annie. And Annie gets cooler clothes.<> egoajojo asks: How much fan mail do you usually receive?

CARLSON: I don't know. A lot! I don't really keep track.

Dork_girl_311 asks: What games are you going to be playing at the summer games thing?

CARLSON: We play volleyball, we do a diving competition off the pier, and we do an obstacle course, and I think that's it.

ambermoore14 asks: What is your favorite TV show?

CARLSON: 90210. And Friends, I like Friends.

HoMeSiCk_aLiEn_gr asks: Do you ever watch any soap operas like Sunset Beach?

CARLSON: Yeah, I watch Sunset Beach of course, and now that we're on at our new time, I watch General Hospital too.

sniper48104 asks: Don't these questions get tiresome?

CARLSON: Yes! :-)

smiles_1999_us asks: What was the latest movie you saw?

CARLSON: I saw Arlington Road with Tim Robbins. It was excellent!

ILUVCLIVE asks: Who is the hottest male on the show? I know it's a hard choice but you have to have a favorite. Mine is Clive (Robertson, Ben). Is this a nice choice?

CARLSON: Very nice choice! Mine would have to be -- this is hard because they are all going to get mad at me -- Eddie Cibrian, Cole.

Sweet_Love2002 asks: Are you anything like Amy, Krissy?

CARLSON: No, not really.

cheetch24 asks: Who is your favorite muppet?

CARLSON: Kermit the Frog.

madamoiselle_99 asks: What type of dance?

CARLSON: Everything! Jazz, hip-hop is my favorite, ballet, tap, everything.

brandilynne asks: Why doesn't Amy like Brad? The poor guy is drooling over her everyday!

CARLSON: I don't know! I think she should like Brad too! But I think it's because he's there all the time. She takes him for granted, as we often do in life.

D14_84 asks: Krissy, did you like doing the murder on the island storyline???

CARLSON: Yeah, that was fun. I like any of the storylines that we've done that were suspenseful, like Terror Island and Shockwave. They are always the most fun to film.

ILUVCLIVE asks: Are the rumors true about a Terror Island II? And will Amy be there again?

CARLSON: I have no idea. I haven't heard anything of a Terror Island II, so I would say that they are false.

Zaz_Carter asks: what's the rest of the cast like, especially Sean? My best friend loves him

CARLSON: The whole cast is great. We all get along so well, we hang out outside of work, and because everyone is close to the same age, we tend to get in trouble sometimes. Randy is great; he is one of my best friends, and I couldn't ask for anyone better to work with.

ash99693220 asks: If Sean & Amy get together do you think they would get married?

CARLSON: LOL -- Why not?

fasalley asks: Amy has some funny lines and really cracks me up -- but then the next minute I find I'm feeling badly for her. Does Amy have ever find happiness?

CARLSON: God I hope so. She's a very sad and lonely girl, so some day she has to, right?

ambermoore14 asks: Did you hang with any of the Buffy cast while working on there?

CARLSON: No, because I only worked there for three days, so I didn't get too close to them. I was kind of shy.

guam_girl97 asks: Amy seems very determined in everything she does... Does she have a weakness

CARLSON: She has a lot of weaknesses, I just think she covers them up very well. Her biggest weakness is Sean, obviously,

KortnieJ_02 asks: How tall are you?

CARLSON: 5'5" and a half. (166 cm)

ATWT_GLaddict asks: Where did you grow up?

CARLSON: In Laverne, California, which is sort of by San Dimas if you have ever heard of Raging Waters.

Strawberry_Sundae_99 asks: Why would you wanna be Annie?

CARLSON: Because she has more fun, and she gets to wear cooler clothes!

puffyshe99 asks: What is your favourite shopping store?

CARLSON: Oooh, I have a couple. Urban Outfitters, Fred Segal, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

MACK92707 asks: give Priscilla a big kiss for me would you?

CARLSON: OK, I will!

SBfan_112 asks: I am a HUGE fan of Sunset Beach. Would you consider going on another boat due to past experiences on one with the drama?

CARLSON: I personally wouldn't, but Amy sometimes is not so frightened and probably would.

bsbmiamifan asks: What is your favorite movie?

CARLSON: That's a tough one. I would say Titanic.

single_chics asks: If you could date anyone, who would it be?? And why?!?

CARLSON: No comment there!

Cubangirl_17 asks: Krissy, how did you get discovered?

CARLSON: I basically made myself discovered! I started taking acting classes and auditioning just like everyone else, and then I did Pacific Palisades, which was another Aaron Spelling show, and he had me read for 90210 but he thought I was too young so he gave me the part on Sunset Beach, which was actually supposed to only be for 8 episodes. The audition for 90210 was for Erica, which was Dylan's younger sister.

KillerChic_99 asks: Will you and Em get in a fight anytime soon!?

CARLSON: I hope so! It's fun to fight but I don't think that we will. We're sort of friends now on the show.

Billie_And_Eric_4_Ever asks: So is Randy Spelling a good kisser?

CARLSON: Yes. :-)

Zaz_Carter asks: Hi Amy, I live in London but I'm going to California soon and was hoping I could visit the studios and meet some of the cast. Is that possible?

CARLSON: You're asking the wrong person. It's possible, I just don't know how!

gracee_101 asks: Do you have a secret crush on any of the actors on the set?


Dork_girl_311 asks: Who's the biggest prankster on the set?

CARLSON: Eddie Cibrian.

BondageAdeptUK asks: Will Sunset Beach ever film an episode in another location, other than Sunset Beach, for example abroad ?

CARLSON: Well, I hope that they send Sean and Amy to Hawaii. That's where I hope we go. But in the near future it doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere. :-(

harveyart asks: Krissy do you really like playing on the beach?

CARLSON: Yes! I would go to the beach every day if I didn't have to work. I do go to the beach every day if I'm not working!

bertR15 asks: When is your birthday?

CARLSON: August 10.

Zaz_Carter asks: What's your reaction when you see yourself on TV?

CARLSON: Actually, I critique myself. I like to watch myself on TV just to critique myself. But it's usually like, "Oh, I could have done something better."

egoajojo asks: Are you planning on doing movies or staying in daytime?

CARLSON: I am planning not to do daytime forever. I don't know if I want to do movies, but my ultimate goal is to have a sitcom.

blinkboy182_99 asks: Krissy: You'll marry me??!!! Woo Hoo! When shall we plan it?:-)

CARLSON: I want to know if you are IN the band Blink 182.

antonio_rocks asks: Are you going to be at the Volleyball event at Will Rogers Park this weekend and who else will be there?

CARLSON: No, and we don't know yet. NBC is trying to put together a team. But I will be at our softball game July 31st against Days of Our Lives in Burbank -- just not playing! It's at 1625 N. Valley Street at noon.

sdamommy asks: What kind of music do you like?

CARLSON: I like all kinds of music but especially hip-hop and I like going to alternative shows. I love Outkast, Jay-Z, Method Man. Those are probably my favorites.

Dork_girl_311 asks: We love Annie and Sara's fantasies! We think you should get some!

CARLSON: I think so too. I have had quite a few, but I haven't had as many as Annie and I haven't had them in a while. Write to the show!

ambermoore14 asks: Who do you think your character would be best with, Brad or Sean?

CARLSON: For Amy, I would say she would be the best with Sean. But I would like to see her with Brad, because they would be up to trouble together. But since she's so in love with Sean there is really no one else she can be with.

gabibrewer asks: do you agree with Amy when she says to Nick Kiriazis, "You're a priest, what a waste?

CARLSON: Yes, I do! Yes! Just in Nick's case. :-)

KillerChic_99 asks: Have you ever been obsessed about someone like Amy is Sean?

CARLSON: No, not THAT obsessed. To go to such extreme lengths, I would never do that. But I have been in love with somebody that much.

puffyshe99 asks: Do you have a life around the show or is it show show show??

CARLSON: I try to have a life around the show! It basically consists of my friends and the beach and painting.

CYAZ99 asks: what sports do you like to play or do you not play any? :D

CARLSON: Surfing. I like to play everything but I don't do it on a regular basis. Surfing is the only thing I do on a regular basis. But I like basketball, soccer...

KortnieJ_02 asks: if you could meet anyone at all......who would it be?

CARLSON: Michelle Pfeiffer.

justn554 asks: Who would you like to do scenes with?

CARLSON: I have worked with everyone but I would love to work with Gabi more, Priscilla, and I would like to work with Cole more, Eddie. And Caitlin! I never get to work with Caitlin either!

Nicole_Poet asks: Has Eddie pulled any pranks on you?

CARLSON: Yes! So many, too many to remember! But he's always doing something! Once, when we did the scenes with the leeches, they were fake leeches, but he put one in my hair and didn't tell me about it and I saw it later... it was really gross! :-)

Angel69hope asks: What character did you play on Pacific Palisades? I loved that show and love Sunset Beach.

CARLSON: I don't remember her name -- oh yeah I do, her name was Gina! She was the girl who Natalia, who was Rachel, caught me with her boyfriend in the hot tub, and they broke up because of me.

ambermoore14 asks: If you were in Gabi's shoes, who would you go with: Ricardo or Antonio?

CARLSON: That's a TOUGH question! I think I would be torn like she is because they are both a good catch. I would probably choose Ricardo just because Antonio is a priest, and there's not much you can do there! :-)

NSyncBackstreetsGirl asks: Do you like the clothes you get to wear on the show?

CARLSON: Some of them, and some of them I wouldn't pick them out myself.

KortnieJ_02 asks: Do you ever read horoscopes? if so, do you believe in them?

CARLSON: Yeah, I read horoscopes quite often. I believe in them but I don't live my life by them.

basicvisual asks: What is your favorite ice cream

CARLSON: Oh man! All ice cream! OK, I have to give this some thought. OK, I know: From Baskin-Robbins, Gold Medal Ribbon.

Jen_16_chills asks: favourite food?

CARLSON: I love food so there are so many! Italian food has got to be my favorite TYPE of food, but I love McDonald's and Wendy's!

Sabiathus asks: Krissy, I have a band in England but we need a name. Would you suggest a few for us ?

CARLSON: I could if I thought about it! Describe the band.

bsbmiamifan asks: Do you like the Backstreet Boys?

CARLSON: Not my favorite.

silverdolphin84 asks: Have you heard Eddie Cibrian's band?

CARLSON: No I haven't but I guess they are supposed to be good.

Banderas_Babe asks: I think you're very expressive...I like your character

CARLSON: Thank you!

MariasSun asks: On the set of Sunset Beach, does all the make-up and stuff make you look a lot different?

CARLSON: Yeah, they make you look different only because when I go out, I usually don't wear any makeup, I am more of a natural girl. But they don't transform you, you know? They just highlight your best features.

The_Great_King_Cole asks: Do you worry about the damaging ultraviolet rays in California?

CARLSON: LOL! No I don't! I wear sun block!

joeyfatoneluv28 asks: Hey Krissy! What is your favorite perfume?

CARLSON: It's called Sun and it's by... let me look... Jil Sanders.

CulverMan1 asks: What is your favorite color?


Booger_Barbie_Dolly asks: Krissy, Do you guys/girls ever eat at "Ruby's" at the end of the pier? It's really good.

CARLSON: Yeah! I've eaten at Ruby's before. It is really good. Where are you from?

guam_girl97 asks: Did you ever get mail from people who believe you are like Amy and tell you that you are mean??

CARLSON: Yes, all the time! Not only do they tell me that I'm mean but they tell me what to do, that I should stop obsessing over Sean and start going out with Brad. They don't understand that I have no control over what Amy does.

lilmil82 asks: Hi Krissy, Do you enjoy working with Kathleen Noone (Bette)?

CARLSON: Yes. I haven't had any scenes with her in a while, but she always teaches me a lot.

Erin_Krystal asks: If you weren't an actress what do you think you'd be doing?

CARLSON: I would be living in Maui, having a normal job, working on a boat or something, and just surfing and that's it!

Zaz_Carter asks: I heard you were going to have a vision in a hot bath with sean, what happened to that?

CARLSON: It got edited out! The show was running long and that happened to be the scene they edited out, which is a bummer because it turned out to be a really good scene.

angelgurl20 asks: Did you like working with my cousin Nick Stabile (ex-Mark)?

CARLSON: Wow! Yeah, I loved working with him! It's too bad he's not working on the show anymore. He's come by a few times. Yeah, I really enjoyed working with him, although I only worked with him for a few weeks.

BondageAdeptUK asks: If you come to Glasgow, Scotland you can crash at my place if you want.

CARLSON: Right on! Thank you!

silverdolphin84 asks: Do you get approached by fans a lot?

CARLSON: Yeah. Not all the time, not so much that I can't go out without being attacked or anything, but quite a few people come up and just say that they like the show.

Dork_girl_311 asks: Has a fan ever done anything strange while you were taping on the beach?

CARLSON: No, nothing that I've seen anyway.

Deschannel asks: Krissy: if you could change one aspect of Amy, what would it be, and why?

CARLSON: I would make her a little smarter, because she is supposed to be going to UCLA and she kind of talks like a Valley Girl, and I would just make her a little more intelligent, so that her vocabulary was increased and she didn't say "totally" all the time.

KortnieJ_02 asks: What is your favorite thing to drink?


Booger_Barbie_Dolly asks: Krissy, Do you surf the net a lot?

CARLSON: I don't have a computer, but if I did I would be on it ALL the time!

surfinsbchick asks: What is your favorite storyline on Sunset Beach?? (besides yours)

CARLSON: Probably the Gabi/Ricardo/Antonio storyline right now, because that one is unfolding and it's really interesting.

j_e_n_n_i_f_e_r_14 asks: Krissy: is Sunset Beach a real location in California?

CARLSON: Yes, it's a very small beach located next to Seal Beach.

Sabiathus asks: My Band is a rock Band

CARLSON: So what else? I need more info!

KortnieJ_02 asks: Do you have any siblings? if so, how old are they?

CARLSON: I have two, an older brother and an older sister. My brother Tim is 26 and my sister Jenny is 22.

sweet_roses_74 asks: How do people react when they see you in person?

CARLSON: They usually act normal, just happy to meet me and to say that they love the show and love Amy. They make me feel good.

aeh1759 asks: hey why does Meg have to be so mean to her sister?

CARLSON: I am wondering the SAME thing, but I guess because the writers want her to be!

CelebSpinner asks: If you come to Laconia, NH you can crash at my place if you want.

CARLSON: Sure! LOL! I will keep that in mind, thanks. I should start traveling!

Jan1859 asks: When did you know you wanted to go into acting? -Patricia, PA

CARLSON: I knew the day I took my first acting class. I really didn't know before then. I just started taking classes to see if I was interested in it, and I fell in love from the very first class and I just knew this is what I wanted to do.

charma24 asks: I've been thinking that Amy and Annie should get together and scheme. What do you think about that?

CARLSON: I think so too. I actually told Gary, who is the executive producer, about that idea. So who knows? Maybe we will see that happen sometime soon.

BondageAdeptUK asks: What do you like as a subject for your paintings ?

CARLSON: Different things, just whatever happens to inspire me at the moment, but I usually paint the ocean or the sunset. Just different things.

blinkboy182_99 asks: Krissy: Wow! Blue is my fave color too! By the way I'm Jimmy and I can't believe you know I exist!

CARLSON: That's funny. :-)

a_lost_frenchy asks: do you like animals and do you have one, Krissy?

CARLSON: I like animals, but I don't have any. I love dogs. That's really my favorite.

Zaz_Carter asks: Where are you chatting from right now?

CARLSON: My apartment.

Booger_Barbie_Dolly asks: Krissy, Is Amy's father REALLY dead? Also, where's her mom?

CARLSON: Yes her father is really dead, and her mom nobody knows where she is, but hopefully she will turn up sometime.

guam_girl97 asks: Well if you ever want to surf the Guam beaches. I'll give you the grand tour! OK?


One_Sweet_Girl_01 asks: Do have any other upcoming projects besides Sunset Beach?

CARLSON: At the moment, no.

luvbenc asks: good to see you again Krissy. Remember you from the luncheon in NY. I think you and Brad would make a good couple. What do you think?

CARLSON: Yes, I think so too. But Amy is in love with Sean, so Brad won't do for her.

athlete_queen asks: Will the love potion make Sean love you or does it backfire?

CARLSON: I'm not going to tell you what happens, but the only thing the love potion is supposed to do is make him sleep with me, it's not supposed to make him fall in love with me. I am taking that into my own hands.

KortnieJ_02 asks: What is the farthest you've ever traveled?

CARLSON: Not very far -- Hawaii! It's my favorite place on earth and I go to Maui probably like three times a year.

Sabiathus asks: The band's influences range from 'The Who' and 'Alice Cooper' to 'Marilyn Manson' and 'The Offspring'. The members are all male but we are definitely not a boy band. Any suggestions now?

CARLSON: Let me think about it and I'll get back to you.

surfinsbchick asks: What is your favorite thing to do after a long day at work?

CARLSON: Relax, read, and paint.

NSyncBackstreetsGirl asks: what is your favorite animal?


Booger_Barbie_Dolly asks: I'm hoping Michael Strickland isn't as gooberish as Brad. Is he?

CARLSON: No way! Of course he's not! Mike is a great guy. He's really cool.

MariasSun asks: On the show, does Brad like Amy or Emily or anyone?

CARLSON: Well, he's had a crush on Amy for a long time, but I think he is starting to look at someone else, but I am not going to tell you who it is.

TVfreak714 asks: If Blinkboy decides to try and find your apartment - do you have a can of mace ready?

CARLSON: Yeah, I do!

ambermoore14 asks: If all the love potion does is make him want to sleep with Amy, why didn't she just by some viagra, like Annie? She could have saved a lot of $$money$$! Hehehe :-)

CARLSON: You are right! I don't know why she didn't do that. Like I said before, she's not too bright sometimes.

sweetthang6799 asks: Do you think Amy will ever give up on Sean?

CARLSON: No. Unfortunately not!

aeh1759 asks: Amy when you did the whole boat thing way back in the season was the water really cold?

CARLSON: No, it was warm because we filmed it in tanks so they warmed the water up to like 80 degrees for us. It was nice, actually. It was like a jacuzzi.

MariasSun asks: Did you used to do commercials, if so, which ones might we have seen you in?

CARLSON: Yeah, I did a Disneyland commercial, I did a Raging Waters commercial, I did some more I just can't think of them right now...

iwtv_slayer asks: What countries have you been to & where would you most like to go? -SB fan from England

CARLSON: I have never been out of the country but I pretty much want to go everywhere. Italy is at the top of my list and then Ireland, and I would love to go to Egypt and Australia and Monaco... everywhere!

CelebSpinner asks: Is this your first online chat?

CARLSON: Yes! And I think you should call the band The Beach Boys. Be original!

Booger_Barbie_Dolly asks: Krissy, What kind of painting do you do? Oils, watercolor? And what style of painting?

CARLSON: It's acryllic painting, and I kind of have my own style. I haven't really taken any classes or anything It's just whatever I see, I paint.

surfinsbchick asks: What is Gabi ( Priscilla Garita ) like in real life?

CARLSON: Priscilla is a riot. We are actually going to be moving in together soon. She's really nice and bubbly and outgoing.

KortnieJ_02 asks: If you knew you only had one day left to would you spend it?

CARLSON: I would spend it at the beach with all of my friends and family around me and we would watch the sun set.

charma24 asks: Will Amy finally get together with Sean or is that a secret?

CARLSON: That's a secret!

brandilynne asks: It was nice talking to you and we hope to have you back at yahoo:-) Do you have an email address where fans can send you letters?

CARLSON: No, just the NBC. There's a website on NBC that you can write to at, then go to the Sunset Beach page.

CelebSpinner asks: I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer everybody's questions.

antonio_rocks asks: I just wanted to say I love Sunset Beach and thanks for doing this chat!

SODhost: We'd like to thank Krissy for joining us today! We had a blast and hope you did too!

CARLSON: Thank you for having me and I would love to do this again some time! :-)

SODhost: And Blinkboy.. she doesn't think you're a freak :-) Please join us again next time for our Sunset Beach secret celebrity chat!