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Zoisite's Fanfiction

My Fanfiction

These are my fanfics. Some of them are not finished yet (Sorry!!!). Yes, I WILL eventually title them.

Untitled as yet A story about how Zoisite met Kunzite. From the point-of-view of Zoisite. Rated G, but verging on PG for a sexual relationship. In this story, Zoisite is gender-neutral. In other words, I carefully avoided saying whether Zoisite is a girl or a guy in order to please both sides.

This is my favorite fanfic so far. I humbly apologize that it's still unfinished.

Another Untitled Story Zoisite has some big news! In the third person. Rated G. Zoisite is obviosly female in this story. If that makes you mad, don't read.

It's finally back up, people! Phew!
Yeah, I know, Zoisite is a girl in this one -.- I started writing a long time ago, back when I thought Zoisite should be a girl. And I couldn't stop. Sosumi.
It's so much better than it used to be. SO much. The old one was absolute crap, if you'll pardon my French. Heh, and it's tripled in size, wow.

This one has no title yet, also Zoisite hasn't been feeling well lately. What's the cause of his illness? Another story from Zoisite's point-of-view. Rated G. I finally added the finishing touches to the story, and yes, Zoisite is a guy in this fanfic.

This one is okay in my opinion, but my pace is WAY too fast near the end.

Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? A short little conversation between Zoisite and Kunzite. Takes place during the time of the Moon Kingdom, before the generals worked for Beryl. Zoisite is a guy in this one. Rated G, but you could make an argument for PG for swearing.
Originally intended to be part of a much larger story, but I don't like how the rest is coming along.

I think it's pretty cute. The whole thing came to me in the shower, seriously.

P.S. Necassery Background Information: In this story, Zoisite grew up in a in a monastery.

Recommended Fanfics

Wounds A very beautiful fanfic about how Beryl is taking Kunzite away from Zoisite. By Zeth. Rated G.

Submitted Fanfics

Freedom A poem from the perspective of Zoisite as he is dying. It has a really interesting premise, even if I don't agree. ^.~ By Kunzaito28. Rated G.

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