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The not so large Nightcrawler page

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Welcome to the not so large Nightcrawler page. This page contains a basic overview of some of the best Marvel Heroes.

Name: Nightcrawler

Real name: Kurt Wagner (Darkholme)

X group: Excalibur (Former X-Man)

Mutant powers: Teleportation (within a two mile radius), Wall crawling, Hiding in shadows

First Appearance: Giant Sized X-Men issue #1

Origin: Kurt was born in Germany, and is the son of Raven Darkholme

  • (Mystique). He was abandoned (when it was found that he was a mutant), and was raised by gypsies.

    Other Excalibur Members

  • Captain Britain

  • Shadowcat

  • Psylocke

  • Colossus

  • Phoenix II

  • Wolfsbane

  • Douglock

  • Pete Wisdom

  • Meggan

  • Daytripper


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