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Welcome to Utopia Planitia

A Janeway/Seven Site

Operated by KSJN

This site houses only fan written material and is not intended in any way to infringe upon the copyrights of any corporation, especially not Paramount or any of her associated entities. It's all for fun: no one here's making a profit, but maybe one or two more people might watch Voyager just for the subtext. Hint hint!

UPN has cut several scenes from US airings of Voyager this season in an effort to offer more advertizing time to affiliates. One such scene for Someone to Watch Over Me has been the subject of much speculation among subtext fans. A Voyager fan in Canada happened to have a complete tape of the episode, so the missing pip scene has been digitzed and is available here (Be advised though, it is 1.6 Meg so it might take a while to download.

My own Janeway/Seven fiction

These may (or may well not) be to start of a multi-part story...
They are companion pieces, however.

Both are set immediately following the Season Five episode Bliss

Almost Bliss

Janeway's thoughts on their encounter with "The Creature"


Seven of Nine's personal log from that same evening

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