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Thank you to the volunteer promoters
and financial sponsors of the
To Tell The Truth national effort.

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ACAA, American Coalition - - Warwick Coalition - - SAVE & Treating Abuse Today - -

ACAA, American Coalition for Abuse Awareness

PO Box 27958
Washington, DC 20038
Phone 202-462-4688
Email is

The ACAA ran the entire list of then-known To Tell The Truth events
in their most recent newsletter, issued in July 1999, and also gave our web address.
Heartfelt thanks to Eileen King and the other ACAA people for this assistance.

Treating Abuse Today, SAVE: Survivors and Victims Empowered

PO Box 3030
Lancaster, PA 17604-3030
Phone: 717-291-1940, Fax: 717-291-5977
Email SAVE and TAT
The Web site of Survivors And Victims Empowered

In August 1999, Treating Abuse Today was very kind to run in Volume 9, Number 1,
a half-page section about To Tell The Truth, including the types of possible events,
giving our web site URL, and listing Survivor Connections' physical address for would-be local organizers.
Thank you for the great help in promoting awareness of the To Tell The Truth national and local efforts.

The main URL for TTTT is

Warwick Coalition to Prevent Child Abuse, Inc.

PO Box 6952
Warwick, RI 02887

On June 8, 1999, The Warwick Coalition thanked Survivor Connections for choosing Charles Whitfield, M.D., noted expert on traumatic amnesia, as our local keynote speaker for RI's To Tell The Truth in 1998.
The coalition sent Survivor Connections a check to defray expenses.
Thank you very much. We appreciate your support.

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