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as of July 26, 2002.

To Tell The Truth
Events of past years

Events, gatherings, speeches, art, music, rallies, meetings, etc.

- for sexual assault survivors -
- and professionals in related fields -


Alabama - California - Georgia - Indiana - Maine - Massachusetts - New Jersey - New York - Ohio - Rhode Island - Washington, DC -Wisconsin
Also under discussion had been events in several other states and countries.

ALABAMA (Back to States List Links)
Hamilton area, NW Alabama: November 8, 1998, at 2:00 p.m., an indoor rally at Bevill State Community College, Hamilton, AL, free of charge. Contact Northwest Alabama Mental Health, 409 1st St SE, Hamilton, AL 35570, Phone 205-921-2186. Email: Mr.Woodfin Gregg. (EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTED ON 10/26/98. Sorry!) See also the Web site of N.A.M.H. They are also hosting a one-day conference, Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, on Wednesday, April 7, 1999, at which Frank Fitzpatrick of Survivor Connections is scheduled to be the opening keynote speaker and to present two workshops. In total, 2 keynote speakers are planned, with 2 sets of concurrent worshop sessions. Conference charge - roughly $5 to $10. Lunch extra.

CALIFORNIA (Back to States List Links)

GEORGIA (Back to States List Links)
Atlanta area: November 1998. At the Roswell Public Library in northern Atlanta. Formation of a a small to moderate size gathering of survivors of sexual assault who wish to form a discussion group centered around activism and necessary legislation. A place to share your ideas. Contact Vince by phone at 770-552-8537, or email Vince.

INDIANA (Back to States List Links)
Fort Wayne: November 8, 1998. 6 to 8 p.m. Recital by Fort Wayne Philharmonic musicians. For more information, contact JoElla Shepherd at 219-424-7977, at the Fort Wayne Women's Bureau, Violence Against Women Program, 303 E Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46802 See linked page for other details. Details: Fort Wayne.

MAINE (Back to States List Links)
Perry area: near the Canadian border, east coast of Maine, November 1998. Healing gathering for survivors. Contact Silent Cry, PO Box 406, Perry, ME 04667, contact person Denise Altavater, phone 207-853-6692.

MASSACHUSETTS (Back to States List Links)
Boston: November 6, 1998, (NEW DATE!) Friday, at University of Massachusetts, Harbor Campus, Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA. At Wheatley Plaza Bldg, 4th floor. Open to survivors, support persons, mental health professionals, the general public - and news media, likely only for certain events. Free, but donations in advance would be helpful. Contact Deborah Chambers, c/o U. Mass. Math Resource Center, phone: 617-287-7159, leave message there for Debbie. Email Debbie at U Mass, also. Music, dance, speakers, and a pre-screened speakout will be featured. Contact Debbie for times. Frank Fitzpatrick will be there to very briefly speak.

NEW JERSEY (Back to States List Links)

NEW YORK (Back to States List Links)

OHIO (Back to States List Links)
Akron: The Center for Refuge is planning a small event for November 7, 1998. It will include a fundraiser, survivor performance, and a speak out. Contact Kailyne Waters, the Center for Refuge, PO Box 1634, Akron, OH 44309. Phone number and other contact info may be added later. The Center had already run a very successful To Tell The Truth event earlier this year. The April speakout and conference were attended by several hundred people. The Center has sponsored a yearly To Tell The Truth event since 1993!)

RHODE ISLAND (Back to States List Links)
Providence, RI area: Sunday, November 8, 1998, at Rhode Island College. Open to survivors, support persons, mental health professionals, the general public, and - for keynote speeches only - news media.

Keynote speaker will be noted author Charles Whitfield, M.D. Visit a site concerning Dr. Whitfield's works. His topic at the RI event will be The Science of Traumatic Amnesia. Over the last several years, there has been an outpouring of studies that have shown the reality of traumatic amnesia. Dr. Whitfield will review the evolution and describe other important aspects of this basic finding in the natural history of trauma.

There will be two sets of small-group workshops to choose from,opening remarks and music by Frank Fitzpatrick of Survivor Connections, a music performance by the Rhode Island Feminist Chorus under the musical direction of Katy Roth. Organized by Survivor Connections.To volunteer to do a workshop at a Rhode Island To Tell The Truth event in future years, go to our form page. To submit a photo of yourself to be displayed on our Survivor Photo Wall at our RI event, go to our Photo Call page Charges are $25 if pre-registered, $30 at the door, $15 for Rhode Island College students, free for volunteers (limited number needed). See linked page for other details. Details: Providence, Rhode Island.
Also at the RI TTTT will be an informational booth in the lobby by the RI Scleroderma Support Group, there because Frank Fitzpatrick has this disease.

WASHINGTON, DC (Bethesda, MD) (Back to States List Links)
DC, Greater Washington area: November 1998, Creative Survivorship, Featuring keynote speaker Elizabeth Morgan! Contact Eileen King, One Voice, PO Box 27958, Washington, DC 20038-7958, phone: 202-462-4688, email: Co-sponsoring the DC event is Abuse Survivors Know (ASK), PO Box 10756, Burke, Virginia 22009. Contact Jane Trimble at ASK at 703-978-1570, or voice mail at 703-281-7468, or email ASK at
See linked page for other details. Details: Washington, DC.
One Voice also announces the publication of Long and Mature Considerations: A Legal Guide for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Assault, by Elizabeth Bent. Available for $12.00 including shipping. All proceeds go to One Voice.

WISCONSIN (Back to States List Links)
La Crosse area: Sunday, November 8, 1998, for survivors of rape, sexual assault, incest, and child molestation. For information, contact Paul at P.O. Box 1511, La Crosse, WI 54602-1511.