Asia's Hammer

Level Two Fetish

Gnosis: Three
Willpower: Five

This is the sort of fetish that no Werewolf would ever use. Invented by Asia after watching an anime marathon, the Hammer is a spoof of the huge hammer that anime girls can summon when a pervert has been talking to them (see this El Goonish Shive comic for an example). When called, it summons directly to the hand of the owner for use, so that the owner may proceed to whack the unholy bullcrap out of his or her tormenters.
However, this fetish doesn't cause any long-lasting damage. Instead, it deals one level of bashing damage and makes the victim dizzy and dazed--kind of like being beaten silly with a nerf bat. It also causes the victim to tempoarily loose one rage per strike. This effect lasts four rounds.
Not only that, this fetish reduces all difficulty checks by one when the user is trying to charm an opponent by being 'insufferably cute.'
A catgirl spirit is used in this totem.