June 11, 2001
4:08 P.M.

Rufus: Well, now. Look at what we've got here.

Quatre: *lowers the book he has been reading* Hm?

Rufus: *holds up a list* Updates! My God, it's been... what? A year? Three?

Vincent: Three months.

Rufus: *waves it off* Close enough. It's been forever, I'll tell you that. *hands Quatre the list* Here you go, kid, knock yourself out.

Quatre: All right. We actually have additions to the Links section, though none of them are listed on the list. We have a new sort of non-poetic poem called "Better to be Foolish", the prequel to "Daddy Dearest", titled "Daddy's Love", and _seven_ new chapters to "The Professional and the Amateur".

Rufus: *mildly surprised* Only seven? Nothing from Sabrina?

Quatre: *nods* Only seven. Nothing from Sabrina.

Rufus: Sheesh. You'd think Kel'd do more than that in three months, ne? And Sabrina... She hasn't done squat in a year!

Vincent: Sabrina runs a kingdom. The only reason there's an update is because Kel's niece is over.

All three: *cringe*

Rufus: Well, no wonder she's updating today... Kel talked her into it...


February 19, 2001

8:40 P.M

*hurries in* Found and fixed three broken links in Kel's Scribbles and Rambles! Thanks to the person who was nice enough to point this out to me via guestbook! *hurries back off*


February 18, 2001

1:29 P.M.

Rufus: *thoughtfully* Y'know, I'm really starting to not mind working here without pay... It's more like charity work than anything else. I mean, we're barely HERE most of the time...

Vincent: Why don't you go ahead and do the updates, Quatre?

Quatre: Hai, Vincent-san. We have a major update today in Kel's section. The titles of these fics are "Hell Painted Pink", "The Professional and the Amateur", "The Call", "The Chosen", "G-boy's in Therapy", "A Story Behind Every Action", "Five Reactions to Flirting _or_ What the HELL?!", "Daddy's Trilogy"--though only "Daddy Dearest" is posted--"The Edge of Madness"--NOT a story on how the G-pilots ended up here--and "Die, Please, Die". I believe that's all of it.

Rufus: Thank you, Quatre. *goes off*

Quatre: You're welcome.


December 9, 2000

1:23 a.m.

Rufus: Grrrr....

Vincent: *monotonously* Perhaps you should do the updates, again. Rufus isn't a very livily person to talk to this early in the morning.

Quatre: Ahh, hai. Well, the only new thing this update is the guestbook Kel suddenly decided she had to have in the dead of the night. Oh, and one new fanfic called "The Freshmen". *blinks* Kel said I wasn't in it for some reason... anyway, she says to expect a little reformating and new images for the links on the first page. She doesn't like them plain... Followed by new bishonen in the Bishonen Heaven and possibly more links for once. Expect one ficlet and five parts to a series she's been working on for a while yet; a crossover called 'The Chosen'. *flips through her papers and frowns* Funny... Sabrina-san owns this site, but she never updates her fanfiction...

Vincent: She's never around to write...


November 8, 2000

Quatre: Kel has gone ahead and ordered another update. We have Bishonen Heaven and the two songfics aforementioned. Soon she'll have her project The Chosen up. Also expect a guestbook soon.

Rufus: *drily* Think Kel's going for a hostile takeover?

Quatre: I don't think so... I think she's just eager that she's helping this site expand. And Sabrina's away too long to keep this place in shape...

Rufus: *snort* No kiddin'.

Vincent: *currently absent from the Updates Section* ....

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