The Professional and the Amateur

The Professional and the Amateur

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My newest fic and first Alternate Universe series. This story is about a young American living on the edge of poverty, with his sick aunt and traumatized cousin to take care of. All of this turns around one fateful night including a bridge, a few special effects, and a hot Asian boy...

WARNING: I say this now. This fic is not only an AU, it's YAOI and YURI filled. If you have problems with it, then a suggest you leave now by typing in whatever you want in the URL. Since you have thuroughly been warn, I do NOT want to hear any guff from anyone. If I _do_ receive guff, it'll be promptly laughed at and ignored.

Thank you.

Yo! ^.^ Someone actually drew me a picture to go with the story! It's the outfit Heero wore in chapter three. Thanks, Lil*Shinigami-chan!