Wufei: *whining* Why are there so many _flowers_!?

Trowa: *flatly* You've been asking the same thing for the passed two months we've been here, Wufei.

Aeris: *blinks* Sabrina likes flowers. Hey, did you know that Kel had the same reaction? o.o She doesn't like the flowers, either, for some reason.

Wufei: That on'na maybe annoying as Maxwell and dumb as the Peacecraft girl, but she has the right idea. *random book falls on the Chinese boy's head* ITAI!

Trowa: *picks up the book and reads the note attached to the cover* ....

Aeris: Where did that come from...?

Wufei: *grunts* What does it say? Trowa: 'That Peacecraft comment was a low blow, Chang. Beware the power of the Almighty Fic Writer.'

Wufei: .....

Pat's Web Graphics

This is where I got the web graphics. Enjoy!

The 1x2 WebPage

Where the 1x2 webrings main page is. If you have a few fics devoted to 1x2 on a webpage, and you need more traffic, go ahead and see if you can sign up! ^.^

I Left My Heart in L2

This is a wonderful place to find fiction. A well-done site where you can find a lot of really good Gundam Wing stuff. ^.^ The webmistress is really sweet, so why don't you visit her spectacular page? ^_^

Shades of Color

Wow. It takes my crappy computer a lot of time to upload, but it's well worth the sight of this site. ^.^ Cool graphics and tricks, and I haven't checked out all the fiction there but what I've read is well worth reading! ^.^

1x2/2x1 Fanfics

Another superb 1x2/2x1 site! I love the way the background plays with my mind (these days, everything plays with my mind ^.^;). Some of the fics here are really cool, so go on and check it out!



Kel: Whahahahahahahah! Webrings I joined! ^.^V I feel soooooo good about myself right now...

Sephy: Really? We'll just have to make sure that doesn't last. Ne, Duo?

Duo: *grins that Shinigami grin* Shinigami LIVES! *cackles madly as he raises his wings high in the air, holding his deadly scythe to the sky as lightning flashed and thunder boomed* Mwahahahahahahahahahah!

Kel: *groans* Noooooo....