Well, well, WELL. Look who finally decided to show her lazy ass around the page? That's right, those few remaining viewers of this long since updated site, Kel has come home to vegetate!

*crickets chirp*

... Heh. Guess nobody decided to stick around. *shrugs* Well, since I enjoy feeling the keys under my fingers and seeing the words appear on-screen, I'm gonna tell ya exactly what made me think about my website again. Yeah, that's right. _My website_. That'll be explained later.


.... Okay, as stupid and inconsiderate as it sounds, I thought about my website on a whim. I haven't a clue when the last time I updated this sucker was (though I have a suspicion it was before I left for Memphis this summer) and frankly I had the idea that this disappeared from web space a loooooong time ago. Now finally I've really gotten out of my rut (huh? You think I wouldn't pay attention to obligation on purpose? Shame on you! ^.^) and I'm ready to take a crack at this again. There are just a few things I know I have to change, and a few things I've been thinking about changing. I made a list. It's a last minute list, but it's a list I plan to keep.

1) Final Fantasy VII, Gundam Wing, and Yu Yu Hakusho characters have got to go. They are just too much to keep in order, and I had started to burn myself out on them. When I renovate this site (that's not a 'if', that's a God-promised 'when') the only person hosting will be me. Perhaps some appearances from my muses and Heero, but probably only on my good days.

2) I don't just gotta update more. I need to. I'm making it my personal duty to at least add a little something once a month. At least.

3) To remind me to update more, I've been toying with the idea of an on-line journal. Yes, ladies and gents, my life and thought process has now become so dismal that I want to share my woes with complete and total strangers, who can eat popcorn, laugh and cry "Her life is deeper in the shits than mine!" I'm not saying they would, but they sure as hell can.

4) We all know Sabrina. Even newbies to the site have read mention of Sabrina. If you don't know the purpose of Sabrina, I'll tell ya: Sabrina is the opposite of me. Sabrina likes nice things like flowers, candy, and thoughtful strolls. She's my complete opposite in that retrospect; I believe there is no point in giving flowers because flowers wilt and die. I don't like candy, because it rots teeth and has too much sugar. Strolls are boring, and who really has time to be taking slow walks anyway? Hell, when I'm ninety years old and losing all my hair, I will be going ninety in whatever kind of car they come out with at that age, deteriorating sight be damned. In any case, Sabrina was the other side of me. Well, I've decided to do away with Sabrina. I am too sane to be developing a split personality disorder over two different personas. C'mon, let's face it; Sabrina was a boring person, anyway. I'm more Kel than I am Sabrina, and rarely am I ever in a "Sabrina" type of mood. So in that case, I'm ridding the site all things of Sabrina that doesn't involve Kel. Her section will soon no longer be in existance.

5) I will be brushing up on my HTML coding. I used to know a lot more than I'm practicing at this moment, but I was in a car wreck recently(let's just say we flipped six times in a ditch the size of a small canyon; we were in a convertible, I was not wearing my seatbelt, therefore I flew from the vehicle by dislodging the steel latch... with my forehead. My shoes managed to fly off while I was at it). Before I really start ANYTHING new I'll need to brush up on that once more. On another note, if I do some simple equation like 2+2 and come up with a rediculous answer like 5, don't worry; my math, due to the wreck, has also gone down the crapper (not that it had far to go, anyway).

6) I have poetry on the brain lately. Don't be too shocked if I add a small poetry section.

7)The graphics (how little it is) may change. I want buttons, and lots of 'em. I want a cool background and stuff. I want THINGS. Cool graphic thingies and stuff. Just things that don't make my site look overly DULL. I'm thinking about makin' 'em myself.

8) I don't like shortfics, but I've been in the mood to write more of those than series fics, anyway. Besides; once I start a series, I never have the inspiration to finish. I'm _still_ trying to debate whether I should write a lemon scene in The Professional and the Amateur or not.

9) Speaking of lemon scenes, I'm quickly deciding to become one of those authors who refuse to write them even if pushed. I think about it, I get hot and bothered, I know what I want to do and how I want to do it... but I just cannot put it into words when I get to a keyboard.

10) Finally I've been debating whether or not I should start hosting fics. I have _definitely_ decided that, should I do so, amongst the hosted authors will hopefully be ClarySage, Lil*Shinigami, Akki, and some others i.e. fics belonging to the people hosting my fics and whatnot. I'd actually like to hear feedback on this last one. Contact me at (mailto:"Kel_741@hotmail.com">Kel_741@hotmail.com

Thanks much for your time. I hope to have this place in decent condition in the near future. ^.~


Kel of Mayhem

"And for my last dream... I would like to move to India or Pakistan... and become a cab driver."
Zach Galifianakis

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