Daddy's Trilogy

Something's up with one of the G-boys, and the only way to figure it out is to read between the lines...

NOTE: Daddy's Love is now up! The last of the trilogy is slowly in progress, so go ahead and read the newest addition and Daddy Dearest.

WARNING: I warn you now that if you don't like YAOI, please do not read. Also, if you're allergic to angst, angst, angst, and can't stomach child-torture, please turn away. This story contains NON-CON, ANGST, little mention of SHONEN-AI, and DUO-TORTURE. If you feel any discomfort with any of these, I suggest you go back to Scribbles and Rambles and pick something a little more cheerful.

Thank you.

Daddy's Trilogy

Daddy's Love
Daddy Dearest
Daddy's Legacy