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"Heeeeeerooo! Hurry up and come KILL me!"


"Hn. Mission accomplished."

Dangerous Curiosity


**Duo POV**

[Curiosity would be the death of me,] I concluded for the third time in the last thirty minutes. Really, I mean, curiosity wasn't a very healthy thing. Not when it involved me, Heero's absence, and Heero's computer. In fact, the more I wondered about the laptop, the more the suspense killed me. Fortunately, the thought of Heero somehow finding out I plundered in the system kept me seated on the couch, where I had been for the last hour or so. Surprised? Don't be. No one was in the safe house, I was completely bored, so I decided to read a book I'd bought earlier that morning. Bookworm? Me? Naaaahhh.

The book was quite good, despite my attention (or lack thereof). It was wonderfully written, though it was focused on religion. Which is something I don't have, other than the belief that there is a god of death. Shinigami. ANYway... the emotions just made the reader FEEL what was going on. The description of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound just PULLED the reader into the main character's mind, like the READER was the main character. I know... pretty deep stuff, eh? You'd never pin me as the sort to just sit around and read, but truth be told, I loved to read. Whenever I was alone I just curled up with a good book and read for hours.

In fact, the author was vastly popular. Supposedly he was some thirtyish Russian guy living somewhere in a remote region of Alaska, happily married and father of two girls and one boy. At least, that's what the author writes about himself in the back of the book. Those kind of 'about the author' deals you see in the back or front if you look? Yeah, that. I knew better, though. Being bored out of my mind, I decided to do some hacking on Hercule Yury --that's the author's name-- out of curiosity and found that 'Hercule Yury' didn't exist. Bummer on my part...

"Duo?" The sudden voice snapped me out of my musing, and I jumped. Unfortunately, the process caused me to hit my head when I laid it back down. Cursing loudly, I looked up into Quatre R. Winner's deep blue eyes and blinked.

"Quatre? Geez, you scared the crap outta me!" I laughed, rubbing my poor head. I quickly noted that Wu-man --Chang Wufei-- had made himself comfy on the hard-back chair not far away, but he didn't seem to be paying any attention to me or Quatre. "When did you guys get back?"

Quatre smiled softly. The guy's gentle manner and looks made me want to scream, 'Are you CERTAIN this kid is a Gundam pilot?!' But I knew that was unfair of me. Quatre was a pretty good pilot. The fact that he wasn't dead yet showed that he was most deserving of praise. Besides, hiding behind an innocent face tended to make others point in the other direction.

"Just now," he replied. "Sorry for scaring you. Is that Yury's latest?" he inquired, pointing at the book in my lap. I'd shut it in my flurry of surprise, meaning I lost my page. I shrugged and grinned. "Yep," I chirped, opening it up and flipping the pages. "Got it just this morning. Good thing, too. It was the last copy the bookstore had."

Quatre smiled in amusement. "So _you_ were the hunk that charmed the cashier of her hidden copy." I grinned impishly, my gaze flickering over to Wu-chan, who seemed to be in an even darker mood. He was glaring out the window so hard, I feared he'd kill a bird if it flew by. He probably flew into a little tantrum when the cashier told them that, most likely ranting about 'justice' and 'honor' and all that jazz. "All I did was say 'hi'," I replied in all the innocence I could muster. ""I saw it lying under a newspaper and asked her about it." [Then I charmed her brains out,] I didn't add. "If you want, I'll let you borrow it when I'm done."

Quatre nodded. "Thank you. I'd like that very much, Duo."



For the second time that day had had the shit scared right out of me. I was so into the book, I blocked out all sounds and destractions. The woman with wings was about to wake from her coma, and Drake Abdul --the main character-- was eager to know a lot of things. Was she an angel? What color were her eyes? How did her voice sound? Those type of questions. I had been anxiously waiting for this part, and then someone scared the... Yeah, I believe you know that part.

I cursed and jerked into a sitting position. I'd laid down and gotten comfortable, holding the book close to my face. I almost glared and yelled at the idiot who disturbed me. Key word there is 'almost'. When I saw it was my secret crush, I relented. I grinned instead, letting out an exaggerated 'whew'.

"You scared the crap outta me!" I exclaimed for the second time that day. I said that before I noticed his attire. He wasn't wearing his usual spandex and muscle shirt; noooo, far from it. He'd dug up some tight-ass black jeans (drool) and also a tight-ass black mush shirt (more drool). Heero looked... he looked...

Damn. Let's just say I had to lay my opened book over the junction of my leg. Just to make sure my sudden erection didn't show. And--What the HELL?! Was that an earring hanged from the Perfect Soldier's left ear?! Oh. God. It was. A simple loop ring hung from the lobe, and it didn't look fake. I never noticed a piercing; I absently wondered if he'd done it himself. That was when I realized it doubled his sex appeal. My --ahem-- 'buddy' tightened and became painfully hard. [Cold shower,] echoed through my chaotic mind. [Cooooold shower... think unsexy, turn-off thoughts...] I sighed mentally. [Damn... know what they say. 'Right is wrong, left is right(1)'...] The earring was in his left ear. I felt like crying. But it DID sort of quell my 'buddy', but not by much.

"Ne, Heero, was there something you wanted?" I asked, ignoring --and not very well, I might add-- the voice in my head shrieking in a mantra, [saymesaymesaymesaymesaymeSAY MEEE!]

"I have a mission."

The voice let out a disappointed sigh. I waited, knowing there was more to add.

"I have to leave immediately," he said in monotone, "but I was in the middle of downloading something." He fixed me with a Glare (tm), but I ignored it as always. "It will be done in an hour. I want you to turn it off. I do not want you to plunder in my files." Ah. That was what he wanted.

I flashed a grin and a victory sign. "Sure thing, Heero. Turn off the laptop. No problem." I winked. "Careful, man, you almost ran out of your word quota for the month."

He didn't blink. "Hn. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon." He left without saying good-bye, but that was expected. AND it was made-up for when I caught a glimpse of his bea~u~tiful ass...

Junior rose in full glory. I decided the book could wait as I quickly rushed for that cold shower I'd been thinking about...



I'd still had fifteen minutes before Heero's downloading would be finished, so I'd gone downstairs to finish reading the long-awaited part I was so desperate to read. I just couldn't wait to read the girl's reply to Drake's questions, and her story about her wings...

[Is it possible to fall in love with a fictional character?] I asked myself jokingly as I turned the lamp on. It had grown dark while I had taken a shower; the sun was setting, giving the sky the rich colors of dark blue, purple, and pink. The blue kind of reminded me of Heero's colbat blue eyes...

[Down boy,] I warned myself as I picked up the hardback book. [Think other things... funny things, like... Wu and Tro mud wrestling while Quatre stands in a corner wearing black leather.]

For three solid minutes I rolled on the floor, laughing my delighted ass off. During that time Quatre came in to see if I was alright. I only laughed harder, and... accidently told him about my small picture, excluding Quatre in leather. The small blonde shook his head and chuckled before proclaiming an early turn-in. Trowa followed behind the shorter Arabian while they climbed the steps. Wufei, however, took his time ranting something about the injustice before he stalked off to his room.

Finally calm, I again picked up the dropped book and opened it to the page. [Now where was I...? Aha!]


I snapped awake and sat up abruptly, rubbing one eye in a dazed sort of hazyness. [I must've dozed off while read,] I thought sleepily as I looked outside, where the sun was almost straight up. That meant it was nearing noon, meaning I missed breakfast and was just in time for lunch. Yawning, I let the book that had been lying on my chest drop to the floor as I streched. Sleeping on the sofa wasn't my best idea yet...

The laptop. Crap!

I was up in an instant, rushing to the room shared between Heero and I. I couldn't BELIEVE I'd forgotten to shut down that stupid laptop and fallen asleep! There was no telling when Heero would be back! I kicked myself mentally --three times, at least-- as I rushed into our room, leaving the door wide open.It wouldn't take long to turn the damn thing off...

Huh. The idiot left a file open. How careless. I snickered suddenly, planning to rib Heero about it as soon as he got back. I opened the file without a second thought, and words appeared on screen. At fist I thought they were mission reports, or maybe a personal journal or something. Heero was ALWAYS typing; it must've been one of those choices. I hadn't planned to read it, just click the little x in the corner and be done with it. But my eyes registered and caught a few lines, and I froze, the arrow hovering over the little x.

I blinked, slowly at first, not being able to comprehend. There, in front of me, was a wonderfully written story. I couldn't exactly tell what was going on, but the depth of the description...

That was no mission report.

"Oh... shit..." I recognized the style of writing, but my brain told me it was impossible. [No way! He doesn't HAVE emotions and stuff! How could he write this if he _didn't_ _have_ _EMOTIONS_?!] But there the proof was, scrawled right in front of me.

Heero "The Perfect Soldier" Yuy was also Hercule "The Perfect Writer" Yury. [ohshitohshitohshitohshithe'sgonnakillmeohshitohshitohshit--]

"Duo." That wasn't what I wanted to hear. I stood abruptly, knocking the chair over as I quickly backed away from the laptop. My eyes were wide and filled with horror and dread. Heero stood in the doorway, arms crossed and colbat blue eyes narrowed on me. And he _didn't_ look all that happy.

"I didn't... it was..." [ohshitohshitohshit!] "I feel asleep... reading, and... you left the file open..." [He's _Hercule_ _Yury_!] "I didn't mean... It was an accident..." Damn. I was going in circles! I also sounded VERY pathetic.

He slowly but gracefully glided toward the laptop and stood in frontof it, pressing a few keys. I began to slink toward the door, my freedom, but his voice stopped me cold.

"Don't move."

I, like an idiot, listened to him. I stood there like a statue, too shocked and nervous to move. Finally he closed the laptop and turned to look at me. Glare at me, actually. He still didn't look at all that happy. [Baaaad...]


"Ye-yeah?" Didn't SOUND that happy, either.

"Omae o korosu." He lunged...

"Eep!" And I ran like hell.


For the first time in my short, under privileged life, I was afraid. That unlimited amount of fear did a good thing; it gave me the extra rush I needed to keep myself outta Heero's grasp for a good fifteen minutes. You see, after throwing myself from our room, I dashed down the hall and nearly jumped down the steps. All common sense left me as I frantically picked out a random direction and found myself in the kitchen. There sat Wufei drinking a steaming cup of tea and Quatre standing at the stove over a pot, being the only one besides me who knew how to cook. They both looked surprised, but I didn't dare stop to explain as I immediately sprinted to the other side of the table. Heero rushed in and we began our unmerry chase around the kitchen table, me clutching my braid to keep it from Heero's outstretched reach and Heero ordering me to stop so he could kill me. We did that for a good seven minutes or so; nonstop, even. Poor Wu couldn't seem to stand from his seat without bumping into at least one of us. The table was so small, when I was behind him Heero was in front. He just couldn't find an opening to scoot away and scurry off.

Finally I broke the rythme and sprinted back through the door from which I came and ran immediately to the front door. When I whipped it open, there stood Relena Peacecraft, poised to knock. She looked confused when I quickly brushed by her (of course, she IS a nit-wit. She probably couldn't understand why I wanted to run away from a homicidal Heero bent on taking my life). I heard her squeal "Heeeeeerooo!" in delight and a simple grunt of "Move, Relena. I need to exterminate Duo."

For good reason, I ran faster than I thought my legs could handle.

I didn't DARE go near the Gundams. Too many bad possibilities. If I jumped into Deathscythe, Heero would most likely jump into Wing and I'd have to fight him Gundam to Gundam. I wasn't deluded; Heero was if only a little better than I am. Another possibility is that he could take the time to jump into Wing and try to step on me. Or blast me with his beam cannon. Or try to cut me in half with his beam saber. Or flatten me with his palm. Are you getting the idea now? Good. We've assumed going near the Gundams was a VERY stupid thing to do when Heero was in a bad mood. I'm glad you understand.

So for a good eight minutes Heero chased me around the safe house only. A few times I lost sight of him and panicked. He could backtrack and surprise me. So I'd slow down, but soon enough he was there behind me, baring down on my like a bloodhound.

When I was far enough ahead of him, I slipped into the small woodland area that made up the land; a thicket of old, strong, sturdy trees. I quickly shimmed up one without much thought, before Heero could figure out he'd been gypped. And for two hours I sat on the highest limb that could hold my weight, sitting still and quite (for once), actually going as far as holding my breath as much as I could. I used to do that when I was younger, you know. I thought that if I held my breath so much that I'd live longer. Now it was like I couldn't wait to die; I used as much breath as I could talking. But I _really_ didn't want to die then, so...


For two hours I sat up there, watching Heero sometimes pass under the tree. Soon it seemed the others started to worry (or just Quatre; I don't think Trowa and Wu were CAPABLE of worry) and began to help Heero search. I knew then that I was as good as dead. One well-honed Gundam pilot was enough; _four_ was overkill!


I squawked and covered my mouth, looking over my shoulder. Wu was reclined against the trunk on the opposite side of the tree, arms crossed and eyes closed as one leg swung back... and forth... back... and forth... like a cat's tail.[Wu-kitty.] Ooooh.... new nickname... I shook my head and looked to the ground to see if I could catch a glimpse of any of the others through the thick and plentiful limbs and pine straw. Trowa was kneeled over, supposedly checking for a trail. When he looked straight up at me, I knew that he was actually the first that found me.

"Ahh, uh, hey, Wufei," I greeted in a nervous whisper, my eyes wandering around again. "Wh-what brings you to my little tree house?" I TRIED to ask casually, but I didn't think it had that effect.

Wu-kitty narrowed his ebony eyes, snorting lightly. "Now I _know_ you did something wrong. You actually called me 'Wufei'." He fixed me with a stare I tried to ignore. Again, the keyword is 'try'. "What the hell is going on, Maxwell? Why is Heero trying harder to kill you?"

I shook my head, feeling my braid flying with the force of the shake. "Can't tell; he'll kill you, too." He just glared, and I relented a bit. "He told me to turn off his laptop last night... I kind a' feel asleep reading. I woke up and went to do it..."

"And?" Wu prompted after I hesitated. I took a deep breath...


Amazing. I'd finished all that in one breath with some to spare. Even Wu-man looked awed for a millisecond before the arrogant and impassive facade returned. "And you found what?" he demanded. I shook my head, my eyes going a fraction wider.

"I can't tell you, Wu-kitty," I said seriously, ignoring his sputtering at my new nickname. "He'll kill us both for knowing. I'm already in deep shit for my --our!-- mistakes..." [He shouldn't have left the damn file open!]

Wufei gave me a doubtful look. "Does it have anything to do with jeopardizing the mission or betraying us in any way?" I actually snorted in amusement and disbelief at the absurd idea. Heero? A turncoat? No way! The guy lived and breathed the mission. Hah! I say it again, hah!

"You can't be serious," I replied drily. Wufei shrugged.

"Then it is between you and Yuy," he concluded simply before starting his climb down. I gave him a look that clearly showed my displeasure and disdain.

"Gee, THANKS, Wu-man," I said sarcastically. "You're a LOT of help, believe me."

"You are welcome, Maxwell." Either he missed the sarcasm totally or decided to ignore it. Either way, it didn't help my mood very much. In fact, I'd go as far as to say Wu-kitty was the one to piss ME off for once.

"Asshole," I couldn't help but mutter darkly before shifting to get blood to my backside.

"I HEARD that," I heard Wu growl. Grinning slightly, my spirit lifted a bit. It almost made me forget the pain in my butt. You know, that pain you get when you sit in the same place and in the same position for too long? Yeah, that pain.

I watched as Wufei landed and nodded at Trowa once, in a stiff manner, before jerking his head to the left. For a moment they were shrouded completely by the trees as they walked in that direction, but every once and a while I managed to glimpse a piece of clothing or something. Inwardly, I marveled. How could they communicate so easily? I'd bet that one look and nod told Trowa the whole story. The secret language of the silence will probably always remain a mystery to me. "Yuy!" I heard Wu call loudly. [Of course,] I added mentally as I shifted to get a better look at Wu-man and Trowa, a few dozen yards from the base of my tree, [when Wu wants to bellow, man, can he bellow!]

"We know where Maxwell is!" My eyes again widened in horror as it quickly dawned that Wu and Trowa were about to rat on me. I gapped into the trees, feeling a twinge of hurt. Couldn't they understand that situation was life or death?!

"Traitors!!" I couldn't help but yell. [Why have I experienced a sense of deja vu?] I wondered sarcastically, vividly remembering a certain SOMEONE taking apart my poor Deathscythe to repair his OWN Gundam while shirking off my hospitality. Showed that one couldn't really trust anyone thoese days... [If this is about me dying Wu's unmentionables pink last time I did the wash...] I let the thought trail as I strained my hearing. If I tried hard enough...


"... is he?" came Heero's grim demanded. I gulped; he sounded even less happy than before... "... irst, I want to... y he's convinced that... ill him?"

"... one of your... iness, Chang," came Heero's steady reply. I quickly pieced their words together and held my breath.

Trowa murmured something; I couldn't catch any of it because it was so soft-spoken. Damn! All I knew was Heero didn't reply. DamndamnDAMN!

"Look, personally, I don... bout Maxwell, but I cannot... ill him. He has alread... secrecy. He would... ell me anything other... umbled across something y... him over," I heard Wufei's higher tones, and I bit my lip in concentration. What were they talking about? Me, I knew, but what the hell did Wu-man say...? Oooh, there's more! "... et him alone an... long with our busine..."

I just KNEW Heero 'hn'ed in reply. Typical of him, I think. Next thing I knew Wufei was calling for me to get out of the damn tree before it grew dark. I was tempted to just stay up there and sleep; I knew Heero wouldn't just drop it and forget about it. They were nuts to think he would. Heero Yuy had a personal mission: to make sure Duo Maxwell never spoke another word of Hercule Yury even being ACQUAINTED with Heero Yuy.

But I knew my impulse was a childish one. I'd feel ridiculous when I actually DID make it down the tree if I waited until morning. I THOUGHT about getting revenge on Wu and Trowa, but I decided to let it go. Heero would have sound me sooner or later, and then he wouldn't have listened. Hell, I even felt a little thankful for a second.

But only for a second. When I met up with the other four and saw Heero's look of promising doom, I silently wished I could still be huddled in my tree...


Dinner time wasn't as good as it usually was. You see, usually Quatre and me would fill the dull silence with chatter, or I would spend all dinner between inhaling food, telling jokes, or talking to no one in particular. However, I didn't really feel much like talking (don't look at me like that!). Poor Quatre looked so nervous... He wasn't used to starting chitchat conversations. Not when the choices of a talking partner were between a statue, an arrogant ass, and an impassive homicidal psycho (Trowa, Wufei, and Heero in that respected order).

So dinner was relatively quiet. I think Wufei was disappointed (either that, or it was wishful thinking on my part). I think he looked forward to our daily bantering at the table. If it wasn't at breakfast or lunch, it was at dinner. Since I wasn't saying anything, there was nothing for him to argue about. Really! If I outta-the-blue said the sky was blue, he'd try to prove it wasn't. It was THAT bad. Trowa only cared (I think?) about his "little one's" comfort. I think it was the only reason he replied to Quatre's oh-so-few questions. Because he didn't want poor Quatre to feel nervous.

Nervous? Understatement of the year! Quatre was so tense, he rivaled Wu-man. His face showed apparent concern as he looked between me and Heero. He would worry his bottom lip in thought, reflexively clenching a fist at heart level.

Heero kept openly Glaring at me, and that made me even more uncomfortable. And fidgety. And I was missing the safety of my tree, as childish as it sounded. It didn't help matters that Heero was sitting in front of me, silently promising that we would have a long, possibly painful conversation later. We did share the same room, after all.

[Are the walls thin?] I wondered suddenly. It brought a slight, maniacal grin to my face as I began to imagine some things I'd LOVE to do to Heero behind closed doors. Or in front of them. Or on the kitchen table. The couch, the nice leather recliner, the thicket of woods... Well, you get the picture. [If I gotta die...] "Ne, Quatre?" The boy looked at me in surprise, and I smiled impishly. "You got any liquor around here?..."


Three and two-thirds of a bottle later, I was rip-roaring, blissful drunk... and loving every bit of it. On contrary to what you may think, I'm not a very loud drunk. That is, if you don't consider the time just three bottles ago when I hopped on the table top to dance and belt out tunes to this old cartoon I once saw called "Bonkers", no, I'm not a very LOUD drunk. So, without considering the loud stuff I do when I'm drunk... Yeah, I'm a pretty quiet drunk.

When I'm passed out.

Ye~ah. Really.

I remembered the moment I was relaxed, I was giggling and pointing at Wu, who sat steaming in a corner, explaining a funny dream I once had. It really was a funny dream. Wu was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and he met a girl screaming stuff about 'justice' and 'honor' like him. Before I knew it, there were little Wufeis and Wufeiettes running around, scowling and sneering, screeching 'Justice! Justice!' That when I kind a' woke up. But anyway, Wu didn't look too pleased with me describing my dream. Well, when one is drunk... they don't particularly _care_ if they piss you off or not. I was no exception. Pissing Wu off when I'm drunk is my _goal_. But only 'cuz I like him. He's fun to tease. Plus, he won't kill a drunk. It isn't 'honorable'. So I can piss him off to my heart's content and he can't kill me. Because I'm drunk. Ain't that cool? Where was I...? Oh, yeah!

Well, I think I ended up passed out on the floor where I stood, because the next thing I knew someone was lifting me up. Me, being a little more sober than before, made the brilliant deduction that it was Heero. How do I know this? I made it my business to imagine how being cuddled --okay, so he wasn't cuddling me, but it was close!-- would feel. I also made it my business to memorize how Heero smelled by his shampoo, conditioner, and soap. He doesn't wear cologne, though.

I wanted to know why he was carrying me to bed. Usually when I got drunk (so very few occasions... such a shame... Although I was content on never drinking again after the hangover subsided...) they either left me immobile where I dropped or Quatre would get one of his servants to drag me upstairs and deposit me to my bed. Anyway, I opened my mouth and yawned.

"Ne, Heero," I mumbled after the yawn drifted off, "you g'nna kill me now?"

"Hn. Baka. Is that why you decided to get plastered?" "Alcohol numbs pain," I slurred. I hadn't so much as opened on eyelid, so I wasn't exactly studying his face for small, usually ignored reactions. "Or enhances it, depending how you use it."

Did the great Heero Yuy make a funny? By Shinigami, I believe he did! I was so happy, I cracked opened one eye and peered up at him, grinning. "Ouch. Lucky me, I drank it all."

"Hn." A pause, and I closed my eye. "You talk too much. Why?"

"Eh?" Had my ears mistaken me? Did _Heero_ _Yuy_ just make an inquiry? Holy cow, Hell had begun to freeze over as we spoke!! "Did you just ask me why I talk so much?" [Duh, dumbass.] Gr~eat. I was calling myself names. How degrading...


[Answer the man!] I giggled in delight, again opening one eye so I could watch Heero's face. Such a handsome face... Oh, I so didn't need a hard-on while he was carrying me. That would be bad. The swirly colors were ruining the vision of loveliness, though... I wished the colors would go away...

"'Cuz I like to. Someone in this bunch of nuts needs to be a cheery little irritating son-of-a-dog. I've taken it upon myself to keep you idiots sane. Well... exactly as sane as the first time I met you..." [Which isn't very much, damnit...] "Ain't a very long drive when you try to drive SOME of us insane..." I felt Heero shift me so he could maneuver the door open, and I closed my eyes once again. The colors were getting painfully bright... Sighing, I forced myself to open my eyes and found myself studying Heero's expression. I expected it to be more blank, flat, and impassive more than anything else. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw thoughtfulness and understanding printed across his handsome features. I almost pushed it off as a hallucination; Heero Yuy did NOT feel. But not five hours from then, I didn't think Heero Yuy had any relation whatsoever to Hercule Yury.

I snickered suddenly, peering through my stray wisps of hair to look at Heero as he laid me down on my bed. "Ne, Heeeero," I drawled, drunkenly of course, "tell me if I'm wrong. 'Hercule' comes from 'Hercules', who was that really strong Greek hero. The son of Zeus. Neee?"

Heero nodded stiffly as he pulled the covers up to mid-chest. "Hai."

"Mm... Hercules was a hero and Heero is a Hercules," I snickered again, pretty sure I barely made sense. "And stories center around female/female sexual relationships is called 'yuri', neeeee?"

Herro 'hn'ed, but I did catch that little nerve under his left eye twitch in irritation. Barely. A normal person wouldn't have noticed it, but I made it a hobby to watch for the little things that went out of place. Like a lip twitching; that's a genuine smile. Or the way his eyes turned from flat to smoldering when he was thinking heavily on something. That sort of thing. But that barest little movement shut me up. No reason to provoke him farther...

So I laid there as he stood from my bed, doing his nightly routine. Said nightly routine kind a' involved a second of full-nekky Heero, and as much as I enjoyed that part of the night... I had to avert my eyes to the carpet and study the patterns. Hey... Since my attention was focused on it, the lines ALMOST looked like the outline of two people, sex unknown, in the throngs of passion. The one straddled in the others lap with his/her legs wrapped around the other guy --the second figure HAD to be a guy-- had his/her head thrown back in a silent (or loud, depending on your view) scream of love and orgasmic bliss(and as far as I knew, there WAS no such word as 'orgasmic'), while the guy seemed to be sinking his teeth in the other's shoulder in content as he hit his own orgasm... Oooh. I had _such_ a perverted mind. So enthralled in the process of making out the pattern that I hadn't even noticed Heero standing right beside his own bed, which was about five feet away from mine, and staring at me. Blinking away the blur that threatened to take over my sight, I glanced at the silent pilot.

Hmm... He was probably developing a despicably painful yet 'accidental' death. Oh, it probably wouldn't be right away. Too suspicious; couldn't fool the guys if an accident just happened the next day. Couldn't be on a mission, either. That might screw up said mission and cause unnecessary complications. Maybe he'd make it look so stupid, it was bound to be accidental. Like sugar overdose. Or too much caffeine. Please don't look at me that way. I'm pretty sure Heero CAN accomplish these acts if he put his mind to it... hyper activity involving a very sharpe object, possibly Wu's sword...

I stopped that thought train and blinked. Then I snorted as it finally caught up to me as to how absurd and stupid I was acting. [Duo no baka, what the hell are you thinking?] So I grinned up at Heero, who was still standing and glaring, and I put phase A into act.


"Ne, Heero, isn't it a nice night out?" I chirped as I glued my eyes out the window, right beside my bed. "The moon's especially bright tonight. Humans come up with the silliest stories about how the full moon brings out werewolves and psychos and stuff, but in space the moon is always full. If you're on the right side at the right angle, that is. I think the stars are brighter in space, but on Earth the night sky is just so cool."

Heero was walking toward me slowly, and I scratched out phase A. I then begun phase B.

Change the subject to something particularly annoying.

"Hey, I was wondering... How DID you get rid of the ojosan earlier? I remember seeing her at the door, and I remember hearing you brush her off," I shuddered mentally when I remembered his exact words, but I kept going, "and she's usually not so easy to get rid of." [Nit-wit.] "She's like a parasite, really; clings on and just won't let go." Okay, that line of conversation wasn't working either. He was standing beside me, and I had sat myself up as soon as he came as close. I had to avoid looking in CERTAIN places (spandex - muscle shirt = less clothes = very BAD hard-on).

I never even got to phase C. Before I could even think about the 'grovel and beg' approach, Heero was bent over and looking me straight into the eyes. I grunted softly in surprise, feeling a flush form on my cheeks. I think the fact that Heero stood near me, noses close enough to touch, knocked me a bit sober and into a loop. I briefly wondered if me breath smelled too much like alcohol...

"Duo..." His breath washed over my face, and it felt so... so... Right! It made me want to dance and sing and just plain celebrate!... If I leaned forward just enough, I could let our lips touch and say it was an accident...

"Hai?" I whispered dazedly, staring into endless pools of colbat blue eyes. Ohhh... I could get lost in that depth, as cliche' as it sounded...

"Shut up." And he leaned forward, closing the rift between us, and our lips touched...


I was stunned and excited and joyous all at the same time. Heero was kissing me. _Heero_ was kissing _me_! Duo Maxwell! And it felt goooo~ooood. His lips molded over mine and he ran his tongue over my bottom lip. My mouth, not very wide open at the time, opened wider in surprise, but I welcomed Heero with opened arms. Lips. Whatever the hell they were, they were OPEN! His taste filled my mouth as he ran his tongue over the roof of my mouth. My own tongue responded eagerly as I returned the affection.

Too soon did our first kiss end. I stared into his eyes, a blissful smile playing on my lips. "Heero," I breathed dreamily, shivering lightly, "does this mean Duo doesn't die today?"

"Hn." I took that as a yes. In pure, unspoiled joy I wrapped my arms around the normally cold boy's neck and pulled him closer. Close enough that our lips brushed briefly and barely, but still enough to send a shiver down my spine. I could feel the same from Heero.

"Good. Now... let's do that again."

Heero's eyes glittered and I felt a surge of untainted happiness at his next words.

"Mission accepted."

* * *

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