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STATUS: Songfic.
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The Call

I sighed as I cleared my dizzy sight of my unruly bangs, plugging one ear as I waited for my koibito to pick up the phone. Usually, he was along with us when we went out to get sloshed, but he’d caught the flu recently. He was still recovering, though instead of letting me stay with him like I originally planned, he encouraged me to go with the others.

I wish he were there. Maybe then what happened next wouldn’t have happened at all.

There was a click, followed by the sultry voice of my love with a usual greeting. If that’s how he answered the phone all the time, I’d start to feel mighty jealous of the caller. I chuckled, a rare thing indeed. I must have been drunker than I had originally thought...

“Heero!” my love squealed in delight, laughing merrily over the phone. “You laughed! Oh, I wish I were there to see it...” He sighed in an exaggerating way, making me roll my eyes and smirk in effect. “So? Are you guys coming home yet?”

“Aa...” I paused, waiting for a particular loud part of the music to end before answering rather bluntly, “Quatre and Trowa won’t be home until tomorrow. They took Wufei literally when he told them to get a room.” Duo laughed lightly, filling me with a certain feeling of... If it wasn’t happiness, then it was close to it. Duo had that way with me; he brought back emotions that I long thought died in the forgotten abyss inside me with my soul. But Duo proved that no one can stuff away feelings when HE was around. He wouldn’t allow it.

“Is that really a surprise?” Duo inquired in a slow drawl, and I could imagine him licking his lips and tucking strands of chestnut-colored hair behind his ear. “And Wufei?”

“Passed out,” I replied systematically, glancing over to check the Chinese pilot. Sure enough, he was still face down on the table, a previously knocked over shot glass still leaking droplets of whiskey to the ground in a slowly growing puddle.

“Ah! And he’ll stay like that all night, will he?”

A grin twitched, but I killed it for a monotonous, “Hopefully.”

“Meaning also a night of wild, unthwarted, bunny-fuckin’ passion?”

I did laugh this time, but I covered the receiver so as to not let Duo hear me. No need to give him encouragement twice in a night...


“Sugoi!” the lithe, gamin-faced boy let out an excited whoop of pleasure. “I’ll get the tools, come home quick, though! I don’t care if you have to leave Wu drowning in his own spittle, no offense to Wu, of course–-“

“Duo,” I said, catching his attention. “Don’t get too hopeful. I found someone sober to drop us off, but... Don’t wait up if I don’t come soon.”

Duo cackled. “You don’t ‘come’ soon, Yuy. It’s not your style.”

“Duo, I’m serious.”

“So am I!”

I shook my head, but I was used to his perverted nature. Instead, I reminded him of what I said, this time with more emphasis added to it. Duo was quiet for all but three seconds, and finally he told me softly, “Hee-koi... I’d wait forever for you. Just remember that.” He murmured something else, but static muffled it out. Confused, I looked at the cell phone for a second before putting it back to my ear.

“Duo,” I said into the phone receiver, “I didn’t get that last part. Listen, don’t worry if I don’t come home right away. If you can hear me, I found someone we know to take us home. Jaa...” I hung up the phone, pensive. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that...

I’d swear that Duo said ‘ai shiteru’...

Suddenly I wanted to be with him more than anything. I wanted to ask what him what he said; I wanted to find out for sure. I wanted to lay him down in our shared bed and kiss him from lips to toes. I wanted... I wanted...

I wanted him. //NOW.//

“Oh, Heeeeroo....”

And as I looked in carefully veiled distaste at the ONLY sober human in the establishment, I couldn’t help but think that I’d have to travel through the hounds of Hell themselves before I could claim my prize.

Relena Peacecraft smiled, waving my keys that she confiscated from the bartender, who took them before we were able to drink. All of a sudden my liquor felt like newly formed rocks at the pit of my stomach. Smothering a scowl, I slung the K.Oed Chinese pilot over my shoulder and submitted to my fate.

But I wished desperately for one of Duo’s favorite shirts that said, “I may be drunk, but you’re ugly. (And I’ll be better in the morning)”. I think it would have fit the situation quite nicely...

/Let me tell you the story ‘bout the call that changed my destiny
Me and my boys went out, just to end up in misery
I was about to go home when there she was standing in front of me
And said "Hi, I got a little place nearby. Wanna go?"
I should have said no
Someone's waiting for me
But I called my boy up and say

Listen Baby I'm sorry
Just wanna tell you don't worry
I will be late don't stay up and wait for me
I say again you're dropping out my battery is low
Just so you know we're goin’ to a place nearby
I gotta go/

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay over at my mansion for the night, Heero?” Relena purred as she drove through the virtually empty streets of the town we were currently in with her butler driving that disgustingly pink limousine behind us. “There’s enough room for you and the other pilot.”

I was tempted to seethe on my side of the car. In fact, I found myself practically seething anyway. The problem with Relena–-or should I say ‘one of the problems’–-is that she didn’t view my comrades close enough to me to be my friends. She never called them my friends; she called them ‘the other pilots’ or ‘your comrades’. But never ‘your friend’. It was like she viewed me as this secret pacifist reluctantly fighting a war, but the others were just as bloodthirsty as any other pugnacious rebel.

I hated that.

“Duo is waiting for me at home.” I didn’t bother trying to hide the fact I was gritting my teeth as I said this. Duo would have, but I’m not Duo.

Her nose wrinkled in disinterest as she asked, “The American? Why would you want to go back to him?”

My eyes flashed in the light of street lamps as I turned away from her, keeping my tone neutral as I stated bluntly, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, it was always my impression that you couldn’t stand the American, that’s all,” she said nonchalantly, obviously not realizing the twitch below my eye was in annoyance. Actually, she didn’t bother to note it at all; her eyes flickered over to me for a second before returning to the road. “I mean, he did shoot you the first time you met him. Twice,” she added as an afterthought.

I stared at her reflection on the window, feeling incredulous. Didn’t she realize that if not for Duo, someone would have fished her body out of the ocean by now? By the look on the face, she didn’t.

In the backseat, Wufei snorted. “Probably trying to save your worthless hide,” he mumbled. Relena didn’t hear, but I certainly did. A quick smirk flickered over my lips before dying down to my usual expression. I thought Wufei would be out all night and possibly tomorrow morning too. Guess the fact an on’na was driving the car woke him from his alcohol induced slumber.

“What did he say?” Relena asked politely, probably knowing the comment was directed to her.

“I asked what you were doing driving the car, on’na,” Wufei said, as if in scorn. “Women make terrible drivers. Even mores so since the car phone was invented.”

She gripped the wheel tighter, saying, “That was certainly rude. Is he always this uncouth, Heero?”


Wufei snorted, but didn’t reply. But I do know that he was miffed that she directed the question to me as if he wasn’t even there to answer it himself.

“To answer your question,” she went on, not even realizing she just insulted the Chinese pilot, “I’m driving you to my mansion.”

I gripped the door handle, glaring at her in the most spiteful way. “Like hell.”

Covering her slip up, she added hastily, “I just need to stop by and get something. It won’t take but a moment of our time.”

I could feel Wufei sneer before he whispered, “She has something up her sleeve.” I couldn’t agree with him more.

//God, Duo, I want to be with you....//

/Now two weeks done nothing's been won
I can't take it back what's done is done
But what if one of our friends found out
That he wasn't the only one
And it eats me from inside, that he's not by my side
Just because I’m in that corner

Listen Baby I'm sorry
Just wanna tell you don't worry
I will be late don't stay up and wait for me
I'll say again you're dropping out my battery is low
Just so you know we're goin’ to a place nearby
I gotta go/

“Here we are,” Relena chirped with the enthusiasm of a chipmunk preparing for winter. She turned to me in the seat, her cornflower blue eyes smiling at me. “Heero, do you want to come in for coffee? Maybe an aspirin? You look like you have the world’s worst headache!”

//Given to me by the world’s biggest annoyance.// “Hn.” I opened the door and stepped cautiously out of the car, looking around with something akin to paranoia. Something didn’t feel right about the whole thing, but determined to hurry Relena, I would tolerate even Hell itself. If only to get back to my long-haired angel waiting for me.

I looked at Wufei in the backseat, raising an eyebrow. He shrugged, snorting. “I have no desire to go in. Besides the fact I don’t think I’ll be able to stand,” he smirked, “I think it was a one-only invitation.”

I clenched my jaw. I summed up the same answer myself, unfortunately. Damn.

“Watch your back, Yuy,” Wufei warned before I shut my door. “She’s up to something.”

Like I hadn’t noticed already. I shot a look to the blonde girl, narrowing my eyes as she waited for me atop her stairs leading to the front door. Nodding stiffly in reply to Wufei’s warning, I shut the door and followed her inside.

“Welcome to my home, Heero,” she said warmly.

//Said the spider to the fly,// I didn’t add.

In seconds I had coffee, black like I prefer it, in my hands, warming them up. I barely took a sip of the hot liquid before placing the mug on a coaster lying on a coffee table. With a sigh I waited.

And waited.

I don’t like waiting... Even Duo doesn’t make me wait too long for anything unless it involves lovemaking in any way...

That clearly wasn’t the case. Sighing in impatience, I slipped one hand into my pocket and brought out a picture.

As a soldier, we never keep sentimental objects around if they can be identified to us. But this picture was almost everything anyone could ever want. In it I lay against a tree, Duo smiling at me in a loving way as he cuddled in the nook of my arm. One leg was thrown over both of mine as half of his body lay over me in a way that suggested ‘more than friends’. Quatre caught the millisecond I smiled at the elfin boy nestled to me, and Duo’s full blown, radiant smile of content.

The picture was everything to me. Whenever Duo and I were separated, I’d look at the picture in private, wishing for a quick mission accomplishment.

“What are you looking at, Heero?” Slowly I lowered the picture, fixing the wheat-blonde girl with a flat look before demanding if she were done with her business.

She smiled at me in a way that made my want to puke. Relena isn’t repulsive; in fact, were I straight, I’d think she was very pretty. But looks like the one she gave to me were reserved and appreciated from Duo only.

Besides. They looked better coming from Duo, anyway.

“Almost,” she said in reply to my demand, walking closer to me. She was standing too close for comfort when she finally stopped, a hair’s length between us. Backing up would have shown a sign of weakness, but standing ground would also cause her to think I liked her standing so close. Too bad the coffee table was in the way, or else I would have backed _far_ away. “But first...”

Before I could realize what she had done (per the damnation of alcohol) she had wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close, lip-locking my stiff and unresponsive lips. I was shocked for a second. But just a second. The next second I ripped her away and pushed her backwards, snarling in her direction.

“I have a koibito,” I growled, resisting the childish urge of wiping my wet lips. She looked hurt by my rejection, but angered by my sudden proclamation.

“That can’t be,” she murmured, her eyes filled with defiance. “Who is she? Is it that doctor woman? Or that American’s friend? Who is she, Heero?” She sounded like a child defied her toy, with me being the toy. I leveled a cool glare in her direction, careful not to clench my fists in order to preserve the picture I still held.

“None of your business,” I grounded out, beginning to take my leave. Her eyes caught the picture, but it was too late for me to react. She had it before I could jerk it away.

I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since. I could have protected Duo from Relena’s endless insults and well placed comments if I could have just kept her hands from that picture. Hell, I wouldn’t even have been there in the first place.

At first she was slack-jawed when she registered the emotion of lust in Duo’s face, then her face twisted in an ugly sneer. “This is... This is disgusting!” she ranted. “Can’t you see he’s lusting after you, Heero? It’s all here in his body language and his face!”

I clenched my empty hands, feeling anger course over my body like ocean waves. “The feeling is mutual, Relena. Give me my picture back.”

She looked like a fish out of water before she finally gained her ground, giving me a look full of worry. “Heero, this isn’t right! Obviously he’s corrupted your mind; you’re new to real emotion, and you don’t know what to do with it. You need professional help, and you need to get away from that... that male _prostitute_ from L2! Don’t you know he has a reputation there? He’s been the most well-known whore since he was eight!”

/Let me tell you the story ‘bout the call that changed my destiny
Me and my boys went out, just to end up in misery
I was about to go home when there she was standing in front of me
And said "Hi, I got a little place nearby."
Gotta go

Listen Baby I'm sorry
Just wanna tell you don't worry
I will be late don't stay up and wait for me
I'll say again you're dropping out my battery is low
Just so you know we're going to a place nearby
Gotta go/

I paused, surprised. Not by Relena’s sudden claim. Duo already explained to me before I first bedded him that he had done _anything_ it took to keep his gang of war orphans well-fed and safe from sexual predators. He even tried to stop me in the middle of our first lovemaking experience, telling me that I could find someone who could make a better lover.

“If he’s the one corrupting my mind,” I bluntly stated, “then why am _I_ the one on top most of the time?”

Her eyes went wide as her lips parted in protest, “But it’s not natural! And you knew about this but let him do those disgusting things to you anyway? That’s just–-“

“You have no idea why he did what he did,” I said with quiet ferocity as I quickly snatched what was mine from her grasp. “You don’t know _anything_ about me or Duo. Or my other _friends_. You don’t know our hardships, and you’ll never understand our pain. Don’t you DARE blame Duo for something he _had_ to do.” I paused, repeating the words that I sung in my head every time Duo and I shared a bed, “I love Duo. Regardless of anything YOU have to say.”

I was out the door before she could even finish her protest. Before she could follow me, I jerked open the car door and slid inside, quickly starting the engine and roiling away from the mansion. The car swerved violently the first few turns, threatening to go off the edge of the road.

Wufei placed one hand on my shoulder, and I mentally jumped. I’d forgotten all about him... “Pull over and let me drive, Yuy.”

Mentally I protested, and he could see this in me. He added softly but firmly, “Yuy, with your driving you aren’t going to make it home to your koibito alive. Pull over and let me drive.”

I clenched my jaw and did as he told me, sliding over to the passenger’s side to let Wufei behind the wheel. Slowly he started forward, taking caution in his movement. He knew we were both still too drunk to drive, but our drunkenness merely made us more succumbed to emotion than we were used to, and caused us to act a little out of character. We were still very much rational.

“The on’na is still breathing, I hope,” he said conversationally as he pulled back onto the deserted road. “It would be a shame if an accident happened.”

“Hn.” I snorted. “She’s living, unfortunately.” And I relaxed in my seat, dreaming of the upcoming night alone I had with my koibito.

//Ai shiteru, Duo...//


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