Rubicon Issue Three - The Reckoning


It's lonely when you're right

RUC accept Patten Report - on one condition

The Knorthern Ireland Police Service

Land Rovers replaced by Hi-Tech supercar


Deal to include watches you can talk into

[The new team at the top]

Peace Process "F****d".

-Press run out of negative adjectives

-Doom Merchants insist that this time they're right

-Full text of DUP statement

-Call for pornography to be legalised 'to cheer everyone up'


Politicians forced to get real jobs as Stormont collapses

Adams considers career as poet

[A new leaf?]

"Shall I compare thee to a red red rose"

Shipman Death Toll could hit 7,563,221

[The most evil man since records began]

"Joerg Haider is a limp wristed liberal"- DUP voter

[yet another evil dude, though he's not as bad as
Harold Shipman]

A link to the Austrian Freedom Party homepage

Happy Days for Sinn Fein

Education Minister "Still Got it!"

[Martin McGuiness] [Ralph Malph]

Curly-haired goofball lightens assembly with antics

After one hell of party, it's Issue Three.
Undaunted by the fact that tommorow we could be old news,
here we are again.

After breaking my butt to get this ish out,
and at the same time answering stacks of press enquiries.
Remember, Don't get angry, get e-mailing! Address below.


This Week The egos have landed
Lies and statistics Belfast Uber Alles

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