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Rocket_Racer's PoKéMaNiA!!

WeLcOmE tO mY wEbSiTe!!

You're the PokéTrainer to come here!

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Rocket_Racer's PoKéMaNiA!! will be moving to a
new location soon. I'll tell you when it's up!!

Was^?!? I'm back! I've been getting a lot of mail
saying, "Bring your site back on!!!". So I'll be
trying to update the site!

Hello all that visit! I'm sorry to say that the
Pokémon craze is dying off......... I am
discontinuing my Pokémon site and I am making my
Sonic the Hedgehog site now... It'll be here.
Thank you to all who visited my site.

This is Rocket_Racer signing off.


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