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Goddess A Cappella

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Riley Jordan, Annie Watkins and Kelly Auty as Medusa

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Medusa are three charismatic women who write
and perform enchanting songs about the Goddessess of mythology.
As artisans of A Cappella (unacompanied singing) they weave their
rich and powerful voices into sublime musical tapestries.
Lillith, Demeter, Ceredwyn, Nyx, Medusa and many more
all come to life with gentle crooning at one
moment and thunderous voices in the next.

Where can you catch Medusa playing live?

Medusa performs sporadically. The main impetus is by request as we are all very busy with solo projects.


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The Cauldron and the Wood

'The Cauldron and the Wood' is the first release for this talented trio.
Superbly crafted original songs from the creative wells of
Annie Watkins and Riley Jordan. The combined voices of Kelly Auty,
Annie Watkins and Riley Jordan will sent chills down your spine.

Now available from:
Hippie Haven
Burwood Hwy

Rhythm and Views

Mail Order:
Cheque for $25 (incl. post and pack) to : Riley Jordan
PO Box 404
Emerald. Victoria. 3782
(Orders are for Australia, please email for overseas details)

Riley Jordan

Riley Jordan is a singer/songwrite/producer with a broad brief. Her first album, 'Down the Mother's Track' is her personal everest and the great reviews are a testement to her musical achievement. This record has beautifuly woven together R&B and world influences. Her earthy and soulful sound is deeply textured and excitingly rhythmic. So many people are blending influences to create universal music with a 'vibe' and Riley is one of them.

Welcome to Riley's Home Page

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Kelly Auty

Kelly Auty performs in her mighty rock/blues outfit, simply called
'Kelly'. This popular vocalist also pours out her soul in the
duo 'Gin House', with Boris Conley, featuring songs from the 20's
to the70's. Kelly sings regularly around town (Melbourne).

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Annie Watkins

Annie Watkins creates and records with 'The Impressionists'.
Their style is characterised by freeform improvisation, rapid recording
techniques, and a mixture of traditional, acoustic, electric, electronic
and digital instruments. Annie is also a passionate belly dancer.
She is a gifted artist and has also been known to create elaborate
designs on hands, cheeks and other body parts in a process known
as Henna Tattooing.

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