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Gen X
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Outrigger Series

Temporary Duty: AT Jackson Great story! Lucas and Tim get assigned temporarily to the Outriggers, a kind of commando group within the UEO, and end up having to accompany them on a mission....
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Weakest Link: AT Jackson The Outriggers are back and Lucas and Tim are in the thick of it!!
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Covert Operations: Caitlin Makintosh Lucas takes Bridgers place in a highly dangerous mission
2 3 4 5

Discovering the Past of Lucas Hunter Wolenczak: Cassie Jamie exactly what it says, how will the crew react?

Goodbye to Lawrence: Cassie Jamie Lawrence Wolenczak dies and we see a side to Lucas that is rarely seen involving his father

Nathan, Kristin, Moira & Finally Lucas: Cassie Jamie Lucas gains a new family

Never Again Will I Have to See Jonas: Cassie Jamie classic ELF...with a slight twist ;)

Clifnotes Series

Archivist note: these stories are titled by the dates they were written only and are all under a PG-13 rating. They are not written in chronological orderand deal with the concept of Lucas being born into the Bridger family instead of the Wolenczak, I will also not be writing teasers, these stories are WAY to short for them.

Cliffnotes 6-1-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-2-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-5-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-5-2000 (guest): Shannon
Cliffnotes 6-6-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-7-2000: Shannon
Cliffnotes 6-8-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-9-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-10-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-10-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-12-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-13-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-14-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-15-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-16-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-17-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-18-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-20-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-22-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 6-24-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 8-14-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 8-18-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 8-21-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 8-23-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 9-3-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 9-4-2000: Chance
Cliffnotes 9-6-2000: Chance

Steps Series

Alternate Beginings: Chance Another way I might've started "steps". Parts 1 and 2 are now together -g-

A Small Step : Chance Lucas' past is revealed

A Step Behind: Chance Lucas must move on. "steps" free floater.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Chance Sequel to A Small Step

Be Here Now: Chance Bridger's thoughts as he watches Lucas fight for his life in Medbay.

Breaking Free: Chance The Bridgers' plans bring back painful memories for Lucas.

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