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                                  Nintendo Entertaiment System Emulator
                                       for PC's running MS-Windows 9x

       Welcome to the Vortendo WebSite. Vortendo is a NES Emulator for Win9x
       Coded in Visual Basic 6.0 by Ti-B0ne. Here you'll find all information and all
        the public versions of  Vortendo for download. Although Vortendo is coded
        in VB, it's very fast, can run full speed on a P-100, with Frameskip 3. Also i'm
        trying to make of Vortendo the best Visual Basic Emulator. For more info, feel
        free to take a look at the  readme file .

>> 25 March 2000

      Good news folks, i got more free time, to work on Vortendo, and i'll probably have
      something new for you very soon, i found some bugs on the core, which i still thinking
      if i should or not release... but that's not for now, since the core needs to be commented
      and fixed, i also started working some bugs on the video emulation... but probably not for
      next release.. :( , but hey, who knows ? :). Thanks for your support, and please send feedback
      on how Vortendo works for you...

>> 23 March 2000

      I finally got some free time to code this week, and the result is here. The
      first public release of Vortendo. This is the version 1.0 Alcaline for Windows,
      and i think it's pretty good, however it got bugs, and they will be corrected, as
      soon i fix them, a new version, will be released. But for now, drop by the  download page .

>> 01 March 2000

      I got no time to code, but i can say, that almost all the palletes are implemented, and
      also i, re-wrote the ROM loading routine, it's faster, but still with a delay, and i don't like it.

>> 20 Febreuary 2000

     With luck, i can release a new version, in a month or less, meanwhile, i have to work on the
      pallettes, and also on the memory, since it's waaaayyy tooo slooowww to even think about
     a release.

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C) - Vortendo by Ti-B0ne. (c) 2000. Woe to you, oh earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast wih wrath, because he know
that the time is short. Let him who haven't understanding reckon the number of the beasr, for it is a human number, it number 666.