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Welcome to ANAND DASGUPTA'S profile

Now since you have entered my basic profile page, you must be eager to know about myself.Well here's something interesting for you

Have a lookin at my Profile
  1. My name ::: Anand Dasgupta
  2. My Father's name:::Ravindranath Dasgupta
  3. My mother's name:::Ranjana Dasgupta
  4. Educational Qualification's:::
    Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
    Master of Technology (Mechanical)
    PhD (ongoing)
  5. Date Of Birth:::2nd August 1975 st
  6. Permenent Address::: Flat No FF8 Rambag Complex Ramkrishna Nagar Khamla Road Nagpur-15 (M.S) India
  7. Present Address:::
                 1706, N. Elm
                 Apt # 8
                 Rolla, MO 65401 
  8. Phone:::573-341-3992
  9. My Likes:::
    • Honesty(Those Die Hard Truth Creatures)
    • Loyalty(The Punctual One's)
    • Generousness(Those Big Hearted One's)
    • Beauty(Like The Setting Sun)
    • Beautyfull Girls(Offcourse)
  10. My Dislikes:::
    • Selfishness(Those Mean Creatures)
    • Jealosy (The Posessive One's)
    • Cheating (Those Double Standard's)
Well Foke's That's enough for Today.Hope you Enjoyed That Profile.

Hope to see you again soon

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