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Hi guys this is Raj's Homepage!!

Last Updated:1/1/1998- So i bet u guys r enjoying my home page cause of the cooool! e-mails I''ve got from u, all u guys who r visiting my home page for the first time, I' would like 2 tell u guys something-"u'r really going 2 enjoy this page " (In my dreams). so 4 all u hunks and babes who don't know me,my name is "Rajiv manghnani" and I study in the I.S.M(Indian school Muscat). my hobbies r :Swimming,dancing,playing Basket Ball,listening 2 music like sawage garden;spice girls;bsbetc,watching some coool english films. i bet now all u guys ang gals know me nicely. I've selected some coool sites 4 u guys. So click around and see what happens. Pleeeease send me e-mails suggesting esting the changes u guys want 2 see in my homepage. I'll be upgrading my page every month. so,i've got 2 go.but before that i would like 2 wish all u guys,"a very happpppppy 1998". so byeeeeeee 4 now....... seee yaaaaa!!.......oole amigos..namskar.....hasta la vista bebe!!!merci........aadios...

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