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To Our Lord, Jesus Christ, from Conception to the Day of His Birth

To Our Lord Jesus Christ, from Conception to the Day of His Birth

To Our Lord Jesus Christ, from Conception to the Day of His Birth.

Seed of Abraham: From Your first moment of existence, I adore You. You were no less God before conception Nor less a man thereafter.

Sublime Christ Cell: Enshrined two hours in the body of the Virgin, I adore You. Your supernatural indwellling Sanctified all child-bearing for all time.

Evolving God-Man:Three days in Your Mother's womb gestating, I adore You. As You grow in space organically, Your glory fills both the Heavens and the Earth.

Rare Pristine Beauty: Four weeks evolving a cluster of living cells. I adore You. Wtih Your Mother in deep contemplation I ponder the mystery of Your Incarnation.

Ancient Word Wisdom: Five fortnights dormant in Your cradle of flesh, I adore You. Mary, full of grace, sustains God within: The creature Mother bears her own Creator.

Savior of Mankind: Approaching six months, viable, immaculate. I adore You. You took compassion on frail, human matter, To give it the dignity of immortaliity.

True Root of Jesse: Seven full moons in the sanctuary of the womb, I adore You. Rejoice, Israel, for Mary has foretold: "All generations shall call me blessed."

Thou, Son of David, For eight months sheltered in humble pregnancy, I adore You. The woman heavy with Child now Turns to Joseph in urgent expectation.

Jesus, Judge and King, You come in the fullness of time as a Sacrament of Hope through Sion's beloved daughter. I adore You. You come to shed Light in darkness, To bring judgment and Life in abundance.

...and the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us...and we saw His glory and His truth in the Gospels, in History, in the Church, the People of God, and in His anointed Priests from age to age.

---Martin S. Rath, OSB., St. John's Abbey, Collegeville MN 56321 Reprinted with permission